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Making Waves Among The Masses, Totemic Offers Us A New EP

Not every musician that enters into the competitive music scene can expect to make serious waves, but for Toronto, Canada’s own Totemic, he is creating s tidal waves among the masses. Doug Penny, the mastermind behind the tribal drum & Bass juggernaut that is Totemic, is a man of many talents; a DJ, producer and an accomplished violinist, Doug Penny showcases the power of his sound on both his upcoming new EP titled “Falling EP” and his incredible live shows.

Releasing his newest single titled “Falling”, Totemic focuses on introducing his audience to his unique brand of emotionally charged tribal sound. The song is layers upon layers of slick and devious sound, and is a great choice for a first single, although every song off of this powerful EP can easily stand on its own.

Totemic has performed many venues and festivals. Sharing stages with Daega Sound, The Funk Hunters, Gremlinz, Whitebear and DJ Madd, Totemic has placed himself among the musical elite for years now. With his music being played by DJ’s and streamed around the globe, the audience base for Totemic is set to explode.


The track titled “Static Blitz” is a truly incredible opening track. It has a very aware and enlightened tone to it, and completely sells us on Doug Penny’s ability as one of the best DJ’s around.

Many electronic musicians miss the importance of reaching out to different instruments, to accessing more diverse and worldly sounds, but for Totemic, that is exactly what he has been attempting, and succeeding at. From “Static Blitz” to “Falling” to “Endless Dream”, Totemic’s sound is a true journey through the impressive mind of Doug Penny.


The only complaint that can be made on this EP is one of simple impatience on my part, I would like more songs to listen to right now; but, as a true Totemic fan, I will happily replay these amazing tracks until his next release.

Totemic can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and the official website.

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