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Make Way For Australia’s Alexandra And Her Powerful New Single “Criminal”

Australia has been on the musical map for quite a while now, with genre defining, and genre breaking acts like Cog, AC/DC, Wolfmother and many more, it is no shock to see a strong female voice come from the land down under. With her vicious and alternative new single titled “Criminal”, Alexandra is aiming to place herself among the growing list of strong female leads currently lighting up the charts.

With an opening riff that sounds a bit like TOOL, followed by a deeper and smokier voice than Hayley Williams from Paramore, Alexandra has more than enough to hold her own with the multitude of talent that exists. “Criminal” is slightly hard to define as it bends and breaks and fuses many genres together to create a very anthem-like track. The song has some strong rock roots, with some definite pop influences, but there is no denying the alternative side of the song or the punk additions as well. In the end you will have to choose which part of your collection you are going to place this song under.


The biggest strength of the song is that it wastes no time at all, there are no dead moments or weak moments to speak of. Alexandra is not afraid to sing her lungs out over top of a wailing guitar, in what sounds at times like a female Claudio from Coheed And Cambria. As far as singles go you cannot expect more from an artist really, as “Criminal” really does go all the way with the composition and ability to sink its teeth right in.

If you are looking for a catchy new song in your collection, another strong female voice to rock out to, or simply a song to work out to, this is a song that I would definitely suggest.

Alexandra can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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