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Introducing Yury: A Hip-Hop Artist With The Words Of A Warrior

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For New York’s own hip-hop master Yury, music is a way of life, and one that is bravely travelled through the realms of honesty and daring emotional production. With over seven albums in the past five years, Yury has proven, over and over, again that he more than deserves to be in this highly competitive industry. His most recent album release, titled entropy is an inspirational, emotional and creative force to be reckoned with. It doesn’t shy away from the hard topics, it doesn’t try to sound like anyone else, and it sets the bar higher in the type of creative chances hip-hop artists need to take. Gifted with one of the smoothest and most methodical voices out there, Yury cuts like a samurai sword straight through to the heart of what true hip-hop is; revolutionary. With his current single titled “Intrinsically Motivated”, Yury has made a point to showcase not only his lyrical and rhyming skills, but also his production, mixing, and mastering skills. This is one hard working artist, and no one can accuse Yury of resting on his laurels. From producing Grammy nominated artists, achieving the #2 position for most downloaded album on Amazon, on top of the major undertaking of creating many great albums, Yury deserves our full respect.

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The album entropy is one of those rare gems that never slows in its pace, never skips a beat, and never forgets what it is trying to say. In many ways it acts as a bit of a hip-hop history lesson, while in other ways, it looks to drag the hip-hop industry into a potentially different direction altogether. The song structure is both basic and complex, and where you start on some tracks is not where you end up. Listening to the album a second time, with high end headphones, reveals the many layers of sound that Yury has masterfully woven in to every song, and I found myself many times repeating a song just so I could focus on another layer within the track.

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My favorite track is titled “New Beginnings”. This song is beautiful and reminds me of greats such as Most Def, Tricky and K-OS. The beat is much like something Linkin Park would put down, and that might be what hooked me first. This is a track that shows the power in raw honesty and true artistic vulnerability. All I have left to say is that if you like hip-hop, in any way shape or form, you should not miss out on this great album.

Yury can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and his website.


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