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Hi Pete, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hello there! I’ve been swell. Just working hard on our own individual endeavours over the Summer; writing… playing… paying taxes and getting haircuts. Now, come Winter, we’re all itching to play together again and have some exciting shows coming up. Not unlike the Summer of George in Seinfeld, hopefully it’ll be the Winter o’ Lost Woods.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Vodka Ocean”?

It’s a punchy, jangly indie tune about letting booze and emotions get the better of you. It’s a pretty straight up, down to business fun rocking track. The boppy, almost tense surfy feel ties in well to the boozy messy themes of the lyrics. It’s our only song to date about liquor and its potential detriments.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Yes, there indeed was an event. It was Splendour in the Grass 2013 (An Australian music festival). I was beyond excited to see Frank Ocean who was scheduled to close the festival. On Day 1, the news broke that he had to cancel his show. My world froze, and the only solution seemed to be drinking my weight in vodka. Naturally, I became an incoherent floppy mess. My girlfriend dragged me to the medical tent for hours of medical attention (ie. Giving me a foil blanket and water whilst rubbing my back and saying “You’ll be ok mate… drink up.”). She later carried me back to our tent where I threw up all over her rucksack and clothes leaving the rest of the tent vomit-free. It will possibly be a sore point for the remainder of our lives. A song was born.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Nothing organized yet but hopefully. Just some “cleverly” done album art of me in a silly hat with a Hawaiian shirt and some 70s running shorts drinking Vodka on a beach. There are hopes and dreams to pump out a film clip for future songs on our forthcoming EP this year.

How was the recording and writing process?

It was awesome! All of our recordings have been done so far in a local studio in Flagstaff Hill (South Australia) called Island Studios by an upstanding gentleman named Joseph Cheek. We’ve all enjoyed the recording process with him. He’s really easy going, personable and flexible and we’ve just enjoyed the hangs with him. His professionalism, work ethic and advice are invaluable, he’s basically the 6th member of the band. The tracks were mastered at Mixmasters, another local studio. It’s a real eye popping, amazing studio run by local sound engineer veteran Mick Wordley. It’s a pleasure to see him in action.

Our writing process for this song followed its usual path. One of our guitarists Tom or Sam will send us a demo of a song they’ve written with the basic structure set out. The rest of us will individually bring our parts to the song and we’ll flesh it out together.

What role does Australia plays in your music and this record in particular?

It has a really inspirational and motivational role. I can’t talk highly enough of Australian music at the moment. I am loving what’s coming out locally in SA and nationally. It’s great playing with flourishing indie bands around the scene but we’ve also had opportunities to play with cool bands from other genres. It’s great to see a spectrum of awesome music floating around.

How’s your new album coming along?

Our EP is coming along well. Musically, it is sorted and the finished product is a wee bit exciting for us. We just have to look at polishing artwork, film clip, pressing CDs, etc. Just sorting the bells and whistles.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

We are looking to release the EP somewhere between mid July and mid August. There are still a few things to iron out first. Undecided on a title at the moment… but no doubt it will have something to do with celebrities, Mount Everest and/or magic if the lyrical content is anything to go by. We’d love some suggestions

Would all songs deal with melancholy and bad experiences?

Ironically, sadly, almost all of my songs themes involve melancholy or are stories of misfortune. It’s a bit of a writing trap I seem to fall into a lot and it bothers me because it feels like a cop out in searching for a connection. I feel that sadness is almost an easy emotion to connect with and express because it’s relatable, everyone feels it and everyone knows the feeling vividly. This is of course, not ground breaking information because every second song deals with some degree of sadness. It’s exciting telling a story that doesn’t involve melancholy or tackling topics other than sadness and so I’m trying to do that as often as possible.

Any plans to hit the road?

We’re very keen to! In June, we’ll be heading to a festival in Geelong (Victoria) along with a few local shows. We’re planning a national tour to support the EP in June/August which is exciting and should be a blast.

What else is happening next in Lost Woods’ world?

We’re keen to get back into the studio and record. We also have plenty of songs to finish polishing so we can play them for you. We’re all going to get six packs. Top priority is to gradually work fruit and veg into our bass player, Brayden’s diet because he lives off of meat, chips and sauce… Not cool. So things are looking up.

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