CD REVIEW: Divinity Roxx by ImPossible

It is always inspiring to see when an artist chooses to drop the ego, embrace the power of vulnerability, and attempt to move other souls into motion and into a positive light, and when it comes to the impressive and humble Divinity Roxx, this is exactly what she does. This socially aware, angelic voiced, and motivational minded artist, is offering up something important with her new album titled ImPossible (pronounced I’m Possible). Currently promoting the very hot single titled We Are, Divinity is showing us the true power of the musical medium, as well as her outright commanding energy to rise above the negativity that can, at times, feel overwhelming for so many of us. The song opens with an addictive bassline and beat, and when Divinity Roxx starts to sing, the song elevates itself up in a graceful way. The lyrical content here is both inspirational and necessary in a time where there is so much social media noise blocking out the truth. Truly an anthem song for a new generation, We Are is a great choice to introduce us to Divinity Roxx, and although she has so far had a major part to play in the music industry, her new album ImPossible, is here to show her fans that she can stand on her own with the best of them.

The song titled Break Down These Walls featuring Anhayla is single worthy and quite the musical journey. Somewhat in the same vein as the great Janelle Monae, this song is masterfully produced, enlightening, and carries an important message about self worth and letting go of the pain and struggle. The song very much feels like a soundtrack to that moment where you decide to pick yourself up and run headstrong into your fears, trampling them all beneath your feet, and by the end of the song, your feet aren’t even touching the ground below at all.

Divinity Roxx Rita Labib Photos

There is always going to be a place for music that fits into the club mentality, and for many musicians that is exactly who they are playing to, which is fine, but for Divinity Roxx, she has chosen to create an album that speaks to the inspired masses that are looking to experience the world outside that space. With songs like Stinger (So Real) and Can It B SO Hard featuring Victor Wooten, Divinity is focused on the content and message of every single track she has chosen to place on ImPossible.

A bit of alternative pop, with a bit of alternative soul, and a lot of vulnerable spirit. Divinity Roxx has created a masterpiece of emotional sound that will, no doubt, resonate with a large audience of people. Supporting artists that stand strong against the disconnected machine that we can find ourselves in is a very important gift to have. ImPossible is going to help a lot of people through some very tough times, and it is going to move a lot of artists into forward motion. So with that in mind, share Divinity’s music, and support this great album, and this inspired artist.

Divinity can be found on Facebook, her official website, and Soundcloud.

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