INTERVIEW: Alice Avery

Hi Alice, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Great thanks! How bout you?

Can you tell us more about your latest single “Expired Love”?

Expired Love is the first single off my upcoming EP ‘Kicking The Habit’. It’s a soulful edgy pop song that I wrote last summer, mainly inspired by modern romance. We have access to so many different ways of meeting people, and less pressure of finding “the one” early on in life and it just feels like there are endless options and possibilities, which there are and most of these things are actually great and make for many fun adventures… But because of this we tend to not dive in and really explore a deeper relationship with someone and instead just play it safe and see where it goes. I mean that’s what I do anyways (it’s better than settling down out of fear right?)… but I’ve shot myself in the foot a couple of times because usually that doesn’t really work out either. In life you have to go for what you want full on because half-assing something usually gets you no-where, it’s definitely not how I got to New York.  So how our generation experiences love and relationships is definitely a recurring theme on the EP. Expired Love specifically is about a relationship that basically wasn’t meant to be but they try to keep it going even after the “expiration date”, which usually leaves you with a sour taste.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

I was reading and came across the definitions of inspiration and expiration. So simple, but it really hit me how cool it is that “breathing in” is called inspiration and “breathing out” is expiration. It’s funny how someone can totally inspire you and all you want to do is breathe them in, and taste them and feel them and know what they’re thinking and completely get them. And the next second you can let it all go by just breathing it all out. The act of expiring: “breathing out; the coming to an end”. I also think it’s a funny comparison to think a few weeks ago a relationship might have been so delicious, but after its’ ‘use by’ date it just tastes bad and you can’t save it or ignore it… you have to throw it out. But back to your question, yes all of my songs are from personal experiences… sometimes embellished or partly inspired by friends’ stories but I don’t like to write about something I don’t know or personally don’t get or haven’t experienced.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming music video?

Living in a buzzing city like New York is very handy when you’re looking for creatives. I decided to work with a crew of very talented NYU students. Figuring how to get the best results on a low budget is always challenging but doesn’t everyone love a good challenge? I wanted to the video to lean more towards a short film with an actual storyline that would go hand in hand with the song. I’m very happy with the result and can’t wait to show everyone.. it’s dropping before May so sit tight! Oh and yes there is some kissing involved!

Why name the record “Kicking The Habit” after one of the songs on the EP? Is it because it’s a very personal, introductive record?

‘Kicking The Habit’ is one of the songs on the EP and just like all of the tunes on the record is a personal song to me. I named the EP Kicking The Habit because I think we all have habits to kick and I think everyone can relate. One of the most interesting things I’ve started noticing about myself as I “grow up”, are these habits and patterns that I keep falling into and repeating. I think it’s so important to realize these patterns and try to stop falling into the same old habits and instead keep growing and evolving.. but sometimes that’s hard. I’ve definitely got to stop my pizza and chocolate habit… amongst other things.

How was the recording and writing process?

It was awesome, exciting, tiring, mind-blowing, educational, but mostly it was therapy.

What was it like to work with Will Hensley and how did that relationship develop?

I basically stalked him and then finally got to work with him! About a year and a half ago when I felt I had enough material and was ready to actually record my stuff I started researching producers located in New York. I started going to gigs to talk to other upcoming singers about who they had worked with and if it was a good experience etc.. and at one gig I was about to ask the singer about Will, when he happened to be there. For me as an independent artist, the freedom is amazing but also scary.. so to have someone who really knows music is so important. I know what I love and what I hate but it can get hard to make decisions about all the in between stuff… that’s where Will comes in.

How much did he get to influence the album?

Finding a producer who really gets you as a person and an artist is so hard but so important. And I think I definitely hit the jackpot. I brought these raw songs to him, shoddily playing the guitar trying to show him what I heard in my head and he just got it. He’s also the best ‘lyrical editor’.. I tend to speak a lot (as you might notice in this interview) so sometimes his input on cutting words and run on sentences and embellishments made the point come across much stronger. Some songs changed, and some stayed the same. The last song on the EP ‘Looking’ is an example of a great co-writing situation.. I kept hearing this hook in my head and brought that to him with the idea and that’s how that song happened.

How has NYC influenced your music?

So much… before New York I was living in a safe and protected bubble. I still lived with my parents, was writing these cute pop songs (look up “Oops Baby”) and never really experienced the struggle or heartbreak. Moving to a city like New York is just life changing. Besides my personal changes there’s also the fact that New York is just filled with this air of ambition, creativity and hustling, which can’t not inspire you.

Any plans to hit the road?

I’m planning an east coast tour this coming fall but for now I’m focused on the release show in May which will be so much fun! I’m also going to the homeland (Belgium) for a few weeks this summer to promote the EP there.

What else is happening next in Alice Avery’s world?

LTD… living the dream. Right now I’m just werq werq werqin and trying to love every second of this journey.

‘Kicking The Habit’ will be available May 20th and the EP release show will take place in New York at Pianos on May 28th at 9pm.

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