SUICIDE SILENCE ‘The Cleansing’ vinyl reissue OUT NOW!‏

Century Media Records is proud to present a special vinyl reissue of SUICIDE SILENCE’s debut full length album, The Cleansing. This marks the first time this album has been available on LP since its original release in 2007, as well as the very first time it’s been available on this format in Europe!

In order to properly present this album, every track has been carefully re-mastered for spectacular LP sound and is pressed on 180 gram vinyl, which also includes two tracks not included on the 2007 pressing of the album, plus a bonus CD which includes the entire album.

Here are color breakdowns for all you amazing collectors out there:

  • Gold LP+CD, limited to 100 copies / CM Distro US exclusive – SOLD OUT

  • Neon-Yellow LP+CD, limited to 200 copies / CM Distro Europe exclusive

  • Black LP+CD, unlimited, available worldwide

  • Transparent Orange LP+CD, limited to 1.000 copies (distributed via RED in North America / also available via CM Distro US)

Order your copy here:

From inception to current times, The Cleansing is widely regarded as an album that sent shockwaves throughout the world, thus putting the ‘Deathcore’ genre on the extreme music map. SUICIDE SILENCE’s sheer brutality ended up inspiring legions of bands to follow suit within this newly created scene, while gaining die-hard fans across the world. At the time of release, The Cleansing entered the US Billboard Top 200 chart at #94, thus making the release one of Century Media’s most successful debut albums!

Produced by John Travis (Kid Rock, Static-X), mixed by Tue Madsen (Dark Tranquillity, The Haunted), and rounded off by outstanding artwork by Dave McKean (Machine Head, Testament), The Cleansing hit the scene like a bomb that forever changed the landscape of heavy music. It truly was, and will always be a piece of sonic history and though Mitch Lucker no longer dwells within the physical realm, his legacy will forever live on. The Cleansing re-issue celebrates that legacy and shows exactly why things would never be the same after it’s release.

SUICIDE SILENCE – The Cleansing (Re-issue 2016):

Side A

1. Revelations (intro) (0:33)

2. Unanswered (2:16)

3. Hands Of A Killer (4:14)

4. The Price Of Beauty (2:46)

5. The Fallen (4:07)

6. No Pity For A Coward (3:12)

7. The Disease (4:23)

8. Bludgeoned To Death (2:34)

Side B

1. Girl Of Glass (2:52)

2. In A Photograph (4:32)

3. Eyes Sewn Shut (2:59)

4. Green Monster (5:45)

5. A Dead Current (3:41)

6. Destruction Of A Statue (3:44)


1. Revelations (intro) (0:33)

2. Unanswered (2:15)

3. Hands Of A Killer (4:14)

4. The Price Of Beauty (2:45)

5. The Fallen (4:07)

6. No Pity For A Coward (3:11)

7. The Disease (4:22)

8. Bludgeoned To Death (2:34)

9. Girl Of Glass (2:52)

10. In A Photograph (4:32)

11. Eyes Sewn Shut (2:58)

12. Green Monster (5:49)

13. A Dead Current (3:38)

14. Destruction Of A Statue (3:44)

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