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Album Review Eric Anders “Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders”


Sometimes you hear a sound so honest and vulnerable that you can’t help but become emotionally moved by the sheer beauty of it. With his newest album release Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders, Eric Anders offers us a compilation of some of his most intriguing and inspirational work. Be warned, this isn’t music for those that shy away from experiencing deep, and sometimes melancholic, musings.

Opening with the stripped down and emotionally raw track titled Tethered To The Ground, this song is a great way to introduce you to the folk inspired sound of Eric Anders. Employing the use of soft vocals and a slow strumming guitar, Tethered To The Ground is a perfect song for a rainy day or a thoughtful morning.

Big World Abide is a Death Cab For Cutie style type track, and it is beautiful through and through. The lyrical content is powerful, the piano and off timed drums are haunting, and it is here where Eric Anders offers up a haunting vocal track. For many, this will be the song they most likely gravitate towards as their own personal favorite.

Remembering On My Own has a very worldly feel to it, most likely because of the added exotic instruments, but also because it sounds like a travelling song. As my current favorite track off the album, Eric Anders sounds as though he is writing a postcard to someone very important, perhaps it might be more of a generalization of time passing by?

The final song off the beautiful album Big World Abide is titled How Low And Why, and it is a fitting send off from an artist that has taken us an a very interesting journey. As expected from the introspective Anders, this song doesn’t rush its pace or bring in any new or unexpected tricks; it simply comes and goes in an almost peaceful way.

Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders, is a solid album through and through, but it will be an acquired taste for some, and an instant favorite for others. If you are a fan of simple folk sound brought on by an artist with a voice, a guitar, and possibly too many thoughts of days gone by, then this will be a great discovery for you, just as it was for me.

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