SINGLE REVIEW: What I Can Change by Tucker

Tucker is a multi-instrumentalist and a prolific songwriter who’s played and toured with Eric Durrance on the Jason Aldean (2008 CMT Tour), Jimmy Wayne, James Otto, Ashley Cleveland, Guy Penrod, Rick Derringer, Michael Peterson and more. When he’s not indulging his love of music, Tucker indulges his passion for cars; American “muscle cars,” street rods and more. “I’m a car freak. It’s something I shared with my dad, and plan to share with my own sons,” Tucker says. He enjoys car shows and just about every car-related reality show on TV. Tucker is currently restoring a 1968 Chevy Camaro. “What I Can Change” is a sincere message about having a positive impact, about making the little decisions that make a big difference.

In which they always do, such differences can be everything to anyone willing to make changes, and the single “What I Can Change,” from the new #Country EP encompasses all of that and more. This song really gets under your skin if you watch the promotional video clip. Part of the reason for that is even simpler than the song’s message, because it is a lyric video. No better way to understand a track as far as this reviewer is concerned. So, it goes a long way in establishing everything needed to push this EP all the way. But that leads to getting back to the track itself and where it stands among the rest of these tracks. It’s good to have as many tracks on an EP as possible, and this one clocks in with seven well-recorded numbers.

I’m not even the biggest country fan in the world but this all contains much more than that to define as country. There is a very laid back aspect but also a very energetic vibe to these songs that contain a combined feel, rather than a straight forward sound. Coming from the southern region it cannot be denied that it fits that mold but goes beyond it to expand its wings without limiting to that sound at the same time. And it’s by no means just a vocal driven sound, as they keys are heavily featured in this music. And that helps break it out of the box and let the pop grooves fall where they may. And this song is as good as any to start with. And what I like most is how it all blends together and all stands up together.

But it likely made it difficult to decide what to release as a single, as they’re all great tracks with plenty to offer with such good ideas all over it. The opening track really puts you in listening position for the rest, as most opening numbers tend to do. But all shine equally as well, but I feel this and the opener really drive the EP all the way home. And as mentioned if you explore the lyrics to “What Can I Change,” you get that honest feeling from it that country is so well known for. There are other forms of it out there with every element from roadhouse to downright trashy but nevertheless effective artists in the genre, all out there pushing boundaries right now.

This collection of songs comes at just the right time to get on that current bandwagon. That is not to call this project one of the bandwagon sort, but it is an example of how it arrives on the current scene to fit right in but bring a touch of its own brand of country. But I found it so easy to play this track multiple times to find the concept of it and the consensus is, it’s a quality tune with very solid results. If you listen closely enough, you get instantly hooked by the bell tones that come right out at you. A beat is tracked along with the vocals as they start, and then the fun creeps in with a fantastic chorus that draws you right in and it’s pretty much over, and song is born very quickly.

That is why it helps to watch the lyric video, even though the words are easy to make out, it just puts it all into proper perspective. If you pick up the EP you will also enjoy everything on offer. It contains some very good songs and could find him well on his way to stardom if that is still possible in this ever changing world of music. He certainly has what it takes from a craft angle, that much is for sure. I’d like to hear more tracks but this is also a good place to start, as I don’t know what else Tucker has been releasing, so this is my introduction to what I find to be a truly stand up singer/songwriter of the country realm. “What I Can Change” provides a lot of hope for any spirit on a mission to better themselves from day to day in every way imaginable, so, it produces high marks as a single to begin with, on a well-engineered EP.

This single with lyric video really begs for attention to delve further into Tucker’s music and live act.


by M. Marcinn

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