Interview with 3Bubble & J.Gray

Bringing it from Houston, TX, 3Bubble and J.Gray are aiming for the exposed heart of the hip-hop industry. With their incredible new release titled Live From The Pentagon, both 3Bubble and J.Gray pull no punches while they successfully showcase their lyrical skills. From the moment you press play on this hot album you know this is going to be an entertaining ride to say the least.

Ryan: Your new album Live From The Pentagon is stellar. Where do you gain your inspiration from?
3Bubble & J. Gray: First of all, thank you for that compliment on the album. In addition, the inspiration is a mixture of drive, disappointment, and belief. God is what we believe in to create greatness. We are driven to make timeless music because of our love, dedication and appreciation for the art. And disappointment as well because metaphorically… we’ve been “waiting for coach to put us in the game for some years now.” Lol!! So our skills are heightened.

Ryan: What does your song writing process look like?
3Bubble: Extremely neat, meticulous and anal. We write out the entire song in the same structure We would turn it in for publishing as. Cause I can’t rap and sing it without format.

Ryan: How long have you been in the music industry?
3Bubble: We’ve been around the music industry since High School but we’ve been heavily and seriously involved since around 2007.


Ryan: Do you have any thoughts on the current state of the hip hop industry? Is it healthy, is it troubled?

J. Gray: The current state of hip hop is alive and well. Thriving even. Is it what media is choosing to publicize??? No. Because a lot of hip hop is too busy focusing on the message more than drawing in the listener with good sounding music. You can be conscious, intelligent, aware, and JAMMIN in 2016. That’s what we’re here to prove.

Ryan: Is there a specific theme that runs through Live From The Pentagon?

J. Gray: Yes. HAVE FUN!! And do it in an suit or an evening dress, next to a Porsche, drinking a French connection. From Rags to Riches. In every aspect we want to show “The Life.”

J. Gray and 3

Ryan: I have to say that my current favorite track is the opening song titled The Life. Do you have any particular favorites?

J. Gray: My favorite is This One!!
3Bubble: Mine would have to be Studio. It’s basically the soundtrack of my life currently in so many ways!

Ryan: Do you have any advice for indie hip hop artists looking to make an album?

3Bubble & J. Gray: Make the album yourself. Every aspect. We write, then record, then mix, then master. All we have to do is find producers we vibe with that have a sound we connect to.. Without unlimited resources, you must teach yourself to do everything you need in order to be successful.

Ryan: At this point in your musical career, what are some of your biggest highlights?

J. Gray: Our recent private event performance during SXSW 2016 at the prestigious Hotel Saint Cecilia. Strong connections with amazing people were made. A really dope experience. Also filming the video for Get Up! It was the first full video we shot, directed, and edited ourselves. Being out with the people on the streets is something we’ll remember and will drive us for the rest of our lives.

J. Gray

Ryan: You have a video for No Lie. What made you choose this particular track to make a video for?

3Bubble: No Lie felt good in the studio from beginning to end. We used the track for a warm up cypher session. We have these cypher sessions to get our creative juices flowing. We noticed that this session was different. We were freestyling parts of a song that normally would be written. From that point we stopped the cypher session and seriously penned the song. The energy just felt good all the way through but effortless as well. We saw the video pan out during the entire session so the next day we met up, filmed it, edited it, and released it! The response has been amazing!

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