Exclusive Interview: Vigiland On Keeping Their Bounce

The sounds of Vigiland are impossible to ignore, and that is precisely why their incredibly energised bounce tunes have created millions of streams for this Swedish pairing. We grabbed the lads for an exclusive interview to find out more about them.

Tell us the story of how Vigiland started.

We collaborated a lot with each other and were best friends so it came naturally. One day we made a track that is now called “UFO” – we thought it was so good, and wanted to start a DJ group. So we started to send some random names to each other through Skype, and then Otto started to explain about a new TV seres that was called Arrow. There was a character in there called “Vigilante”, so thats basically where the name comes from.

How quickly after this did Universal pick you up?

About a year after we released our first single!

You’ve just released “Pong Dance” – an infectiously catchy track. What influences went in to this track? It’s not the same thing we hear every day!

Glad to hear that, thank you! We wanted to mix country vibes with a Vigiland touch, and also to tell a pretty fun story. We think the result speaks for itself!

Vigiland - Pong Dance (Official Video)

If you could pick any one person to work with in the world – who would it be and why?

Wow, that’s a hard question! We would say Diplo, because he’s a genius!

Go back to the day you started everything. If you could tell yourself one thing – what would it be?

Be patient! It takes a lot of time and effort to make it happen.

Any advice for up and coming producers or DJs?

As said before, be patient and take your time! Be open to feedback and look at a lot of tutorials. After a year or two, you should start to find your own sounds. That’s what makes you unique!

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