Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Been good VENTS, thanks for asking!

Can you talk to us more about your single “Mr Generation”?

It’s available now to download and stream online, along with another track, “War On The Streets”

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I think it was inspired a lot by the music industry at the moment, but also society as well. There’s seems to be a new generation of people emerging, particularly young people, who seem to be becoming more and more restless, and not happy with how things are, and are looking for change. And it feels like the same thing is happening in music as well, there seems to be a need for something new. A fresh voice to inspire a new generation, as rock n roll music seems to be steeped in nostalgia at the moment. Mr Generation is a result of that. It’s almost like a statement of intent from us, we’re part of a new generation of rock n roll, and “we’re here to stay”.

Any plans to release a video for any of these singles?

We’re going to be releasing a series of different videos over the coming weeks, including some live acoustic versions of the tracks, so keep your eyes peeled VENTS!

How was the recording and writing process?

The writing process usually always starts with me writing the songs on my acoustic guitar, and once they’re finished, I’ll take them to the boys, and then we’ll start rehearsing them in detail, working out all the different parts, and build them up bit by bit until we have a finished result that we’re all happy with. The recording process usually goes along the same lines, we’ll have a clear idea of what we’re going in to record, but sometimes when you hear something on tape, it doesn’t work as well as when you play it live. So it becomes a lot more creative then, as you start trying different things out. With Mr Generation it was like that, we played around with lots of different guitar parts.

How are you seeking to bring back the Golden Days of UK music?

The first and most important thing we wanna do, is write great songs and great music. Music that people can connect with, and we can connect with ourselves. And we wanna inspire people, to believe in themselves, and be whoever they want to be, regardless of all the shit that life can throw at you. Music should be an uplifting thing, and we wanna bring that back into rock n roll. Rock music has become so passive. We wanna change that. We want to bring passion and a bit of grit back into it, to play and sing from our hearts, and tell the truth about the world around us through the music that we write, and bring people together in doing so. We want to bring back a bit of excitement into the music scene, by being ourselves and being honest, because it needs that.

How’s your new EP coming along?

Great. We’ve got loads of songs ready to go, its just a case of deciding amongst ourselves which tracks we want to include on it.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

We’re planning to release it in the summer, around June/July time. We don’t have a title yet, that’ll probably come once we’ve chosen the tracks.

Would both new tracks work as some sort of a sneak peek?

Yeah, we’ve released these two tracks as a build up to our debut EP, as a taster of who we are and what’s to come.

How does your previous musical and acting background have influence on this band?

My background as an actor definitely impacts on what we do, as music and drama are so connected. It’s all about telling a story at the end of the day, and making people feel something, whether it be through a song or through a movie. But it definitely helps us to be more versatile, as we have the impulse to play around with styles, and create different characters through the songs. And one of the best things is that we already have a confidence on stage, and a natural instinct as performers. Every gig we do we wanna put on a show for people, not just stand there with a lather jacket on and a cigarette trying to look cool. That couldn’t be more boring and uncool. We go out there and give everything we’ve got.

Any plans to hit the road?

Definitely. We wanna get out there and play to as many people as possible. We’ll be lining up several gigs once the EP is out, and we’ll be playing a launch gig for the EP in London.

What else is happening next in Penny Mob’s world?

We’re rehearsing non stop at the moment, building up our set and working on new songs. In between then and recording the EP, we’ve got a few gigs lined up as well. One of them being in support of Musicians Against Homelessness, a campaign run by Alan McGee for the charity Crisis. This ones means a lot to us as it’s an issue close to our hearts, and it’s for a great cause.

Others dates that have been confirmed –

22nd April – Labour Club, Northampton

23rd April – Voodoo Lounge, Stamford

19th May, The Castle, North Acton

18th June – Wellingborough Football Club, Northamptonshire

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