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CD REVIEW: Fire by Brooke Moriber

The first single from Brooke Moriber’s upcoming EP release will please many. This talented singer and actress has been plying her trade on theater stages and in film studios for many years, but this single and its accompanying EP represents her first significant stride into the arena of pop music. She has appeared on recordings before, notably cast albums from Broadway productions like 1998’s Parade (original Broadway cast) and 2000’s The Wild Party (original Broadway cast). The Fire EP, however, moves to another level – not merely a respected singer and professional performer, but one now free to share her innermost self with a wide audience and convey personal messages via one of the world’s most accessible art forms.

Make no mistake – Moriber’s voice is ideally suited for pop music. She has genuine gravitas that gives authority to her lyrical musings while also possessing a keen ear for following the movements of a song. The verses show off her talent for filling her songwriting with passion and phrasing alike – she invests the words with simmering desire while nevertheless nudging the song forward with her forceful delivery. The chorus brings her biggest moment to shine. Moriber’s voice climbs higher peaks than ever before, despite some needless double-tracking, and helps make the refrain a thrillingly climatic moment for the track.

The instrumental track isn’t a throwaway intended to give her vocals a forum and nothing more. It’s guided, primarily, but vibrant electric piano lines, but the glistening keyboards and drum machine give the track a steady foundation for everything else. She even manages to incorporate electric guitar for a quick appearance following each chorus. It’s obvious how Moriber’s musical theater experiences have given her the tools to be a successful pop artist when you hear how well she plays against the band. Unlike many singers, Moriber never chooses to sing over her accompaniment but, rather, with them. The result is that “Fire” moves along as a seamless musical work that never sounds jammed together without rhyme or reason.

Multiple Broadway, film, and television appearances have seasoned Moriber long before she ever stepped into a studio to record this. Some people are born artists and it’s safe to say, especially after hearing “Fire”, that Moriber should be counted among them. She has tremendous confidence that comes through in every line and a sharp instinct for building on the musical fireworks exploding around her. Presenting her in such a positive light, thanks to the quality of the material, will do much to get her career off on the right note.

Moriber is obviously in this for the long haul. While less self-assured aspiring pop stars cast themselves in recognizable molds, Moriber has offered the world a song, familiar yet unfamiliar, that overflows with musicality and personality. “Fire”, the title track of her forthcoming EP, reminds us all that pop music needn’t be some trash art form always pandering for a dollar.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fire-single/id1076669638

by Lydia Hillenburg

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