INTERVIEW: We Came From Wolves

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey VENTS we are ace… just back from a short run of shows round our Scottish Highlands… we had a blast… how’s yourselves?

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Ruiner”?

The song really started with the intro riff, from there we built up the verses. Unlike a lot of other songs this one was actually finished whilst in the studio, we played around with a couple of structures and nothing felt right. We worked on it with our producer Bruce Rintoul and figured out the final formula, it’s a little bit different to our usual stuff, quite angular and split into pretty different sections, but somehow flows and the feel and symbolism of the song meant we wanted to choose this as the single to introduce a new start for the band.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

The album is kind of a concept album, but more truthful, a kind of biography of a period in my life from my mid-twenties to the time of writing in my later twenties, it is pretty sequential and Ruiner comes right at the period where I’m figuring out my own wrongs and shortcomings, opening up and almost putting the demons to rest, however the undertone is one which questions will they ever fully disappear? It’s the position on the album is important as the penultimate track and cliff hanger, before the final track.

How was the film experience?

We’ve done a few videos now, we’re use to the process so knew it would mean long, cold days but always know that the end process will be worth it…I always come up with the inception of the story for the videos as an extension of my lyrical content, extending the art-form into the visual realm, so with this one I wanted it to be on the exact same pavements, streets, benches and haunts that this song was inspired by…I just wanted it, like everything we do, to be as honest as possible.

The single comes off your new self-titled album – Why did you decide to name the material after the band’s name?

– That’s a good question and surprisingly the first time someone has asked! we just felt we wanted the songs to speak for themselves…artwork within the album to tell it’s own story and the body of the work as a whole to reflect the tales that it encapsulates…we thought putting a witty, or even worse, long winded title would force a tone or theme upon the listener/reader and make them try to figure out what the story of it all is in relation to this title…as it is the listener and/or lyric reader will already be doing so with each song title…in relation to the song…how do you some up the common theme that binds each one of these songs together? why try if nothing is obvious?…I don’t think we will continue to do this in a Billy Talent vein with WCFW2 and WCFW3 etc…but for the first album we wanted the songs to speak for them self, to then speak for the album as a whole and as it was our debut…we could just do this all under our name…to show that these songs represent everything WE are about also…honesty, emotion, heart on sleeve…fire in the belly.

How was the recording and writing process?

I usually come up with the “bones” of songs…strong ideas and my parts, then take it to the guys once It’s time to write…we then would collaborate with everything, but that year (2014) we played our first major festivals and some festivals in Europe…it was a great but super busy so the others had written some things on their own too as I was back in Glasgow and them in Perth…we needed some time to get everything together as we had a stack of material so we headed to a log cabin in the highlands to finalise things, 3 full days…literally 20 hour days, with minimal sleep and just some pasta and beer breaks…but we got 16 songs completed in those days and were buzzing! from there I spent a month working on melody and working lyrics (I never finalise things until the day before we record as I wanna live with things and have room for change) in November 2014 we went to 45-a-side recordings in Glasgow, where we recorded our EP “Paradise Place” a year before, we worked with the same producer, “Bruce Rintoul” who has worked with Fatherson, Twin Atlantic, United Fruit and a tonne of other ace Scottish Bands…we spent around three weeks in the studio…we had a blast and a highlight was having my birthday in the studio…some fizz and pizza…then back onto recording…It was a fantastic experience, working with Bruce is a blast and he really chips in to make the songs the best they can be, we had tonnes of different instruments and a session player put some cello down on it…ate far too much fast food and drank far too much red wine and aloe vera juice but it was was class and we did the best job we could have for the debut…I’m proud of it.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Everything is inspired from my own experiences and the people and places the occurred…pretty much all centred in my home town of Perth, over a span of around a decade…covering a lot of different I’ve said before, I wear my heart on my sleeve and these songs are ones anyone can relate to…I make catchy melodies but behind every hook is some raw feeling and message and that’s what makes it real.

Arctic Monkeys and Biffy Clyro have been among some of main influences – did you find any other musical influences on this record?

– Yeah, we would never set out to try and replicate another band…it’s not us and would diminish the passion we held for the record had we done so, but we listened to a lot of Paramore, Xcerts, Deftones and Frank Ocean for this record, a snare sound here, a guitar tone there and the vocal production on Channel orange of Frank Ocean…just taking inspiration from really great albums in their own field…and putting them within our world.

Any plans to hit the road?

For sure…we will do our usual touring of the UK as much as possible this year but also want to get across Europe some more this year, and fingers crossed, our first venture into the U.S. as the record has been put out there by Engineer Records in New Jersey…we’ll see though…we do all of this ourself at the moment…so we gotta balance a lot of things till that changes….or just take a bit longer with our plans if it doesn’t…we’ll get there though.

What else is happening next in We Came From Wolves’ world?

We headline the biggest venue in our hometown, The Perth Concert Hall, this Saturday the 26th of March…other than that the plan for the rest of the year is more touring round the UK, festivals, some live sessions, releasing a couple more singles and videos from the album, hopefully getting over to Europe and US for some touring, writing and recording an EP for the end of the year as a little something ahead of a second album in 2017…and anything/everything we can get involved with in-between!

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