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INTERVIEW: Saddle of Southern Darkness

Something wicked this way comes. For Denver Colorado’s own, Saddle of Southern Darkness, the musical trail is one filled with grit, emotion, and raw energy. If you need an album to enjoy that next sip of whiskey with, this is the album for you.

Ryan: One of the hardest decisions to make when it comes to a band is agreeing on the band name. What is the story behind your bands name?

Trent Williams:The name actually came up one day while working in the medical marijuana industry at the start of summer 2015. Chase and I had a lot of time sitting at a table working with plants and talking to our friends about ideas on what we were going to do with our music. When I said how about “Sounds of Southern Darkness”, which is a pun on black metal band Immortal’s album Sons of Northern Darkness. Our buddy Sean said “no not sounds, Saddles”. We really liked the name so it’s stuck with us and helped us create our sound.

Ryan: How long has the band been together and how did you form?

Trent Williams:Almost a year now, as S.S.D. But Chase and I are brothers and we have been playing music together since we were kids. But never in a band, It wasn’t until two years ago when I moved to Denver, Colorado. We wanted to play live and I had written a few traditional country songs so we did an open mic with his dobro and my guitar. After that it just slowly came together, we saved up and bought a upright bass, had a friend from Kentucky come out and play fiddle with us, we would just swap instruments through out the show. But early in the summer of 2015 he took off back to Kentucky, so we were kind of right back where we started. We bought a camper, and a generator and I already owned a Tascam digital-32 track recorder, so we went into the mountains camping anywhere that was free to record our album. The first song recorded in the camper was “Bad Times” it’s the 2nd track on our self titled, we wanted this album to be raw and have leads that were a lot more metal influenced. While still paying respect to the greats we look up to. It was a long summer and at the end we were looking for someone who could destroy an upright bass to get our live sound together and not just be a studio band. When we met Mark Rossi, we were blown away. He had skill and more speed than we were expecting to find, so of course we were stoked when he said “when’s our next practice!”. We played our first show at Goosetown tavern a month later and haven’t looked back since.

Ryan: What does your song writing process look like?

Trent Williams:For this album most of these songs just came right out while practicing, I typically don’t sit down and try to write lyrics. I like to let the songs come to me. Chase and I write lyrics separately. But with the music we do spend some time coming up with ideas, trying to work diminished chords into the song to get the saddle sound!

Ryan: Where does the band gather their inspiration from?

Trent Williams:Most of if it is just experiences from life, and we like to reminded people of the corrupt things the human being is capable of, in case they forgot. Our other influences are western films, country music, cheating women, metal, etc.

Ryan: At this point in your musical career, what are your current musical highlights?

Trent Williams:A highlight for me at this point would be finally have a complete album, it’s taken a quite a while to get this together on our own. -Trent Williams

Ryan: The album has a lot of dark imagery. How would you describe your album to anyone that has not heard it yet?

Trent Williams:I would say its about as raw as outlaw country gets, with themes of violence, bad times, and betrayal and a very cultured sound. You will go on a ride from the first track to the last, and be captured by the haunting howls and growls!
Like a metal band did a bluegrass/country album!

Ryan: Many musicians look to making their own album. Do you have any advice for anyone looking to make their own?

Trent Williams:I’d say the best advice I can give anyone is don’t give up on yourself and take your time! The hardest part for me while recording this album was self doubt and patience.

Ryan: Is there any artist that you would like to potentially collaborate with in the future?

Trent Williams:Many artists such as Hank 3, Andy Gibson, James Hunnicut, Jayke Orvis. Anyone who is writing something they feel, and are passionate about.

Ryan: From initial idea to finished product. How long did it take you to put together this album?

Trent Williams:I’d say about a year and a half, due to delays with money and other obligations.

Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Is there any news that you would like to tell your fans about?

Trent Williams:We are working on booking for 2016, and plan to have another album in the works by the new year. Until then you can follow us on spotify, and we hope to be in a town near you soon! Thanks.

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