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The lethal EDM beats and methodical lyrical style of EDM rapper Frequency are putting him at the forefront of rap music. Adding something fresh to an industry struggling with new ideas, Frequency shows us on his new album Fire and Lightning why he is here to stay and why you should care.

Ryan: The album Fire and Lightning is high on the production value. How long have you been working on this project?

Frequency:Well I signed on to my label Hood and Associates in summer of 2015. We recorded 40 songs over the last 8 months with producer Ditch (rapper Ditch), Randolph and Alvin Taylor (Little Richard, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac). The project was done in multiple locations including Hybrid studios in Santa Ana, California, and Park style records in San Francisco, California.

Ryan: I was surprised to see this sort of sound come out of Arizona, is there a thriving hip-hop scene there?

Frequency:The hip-hop scene is not as huge thing like it is in other states. It is mostly local artists posting their music on SoundCloud and YouTube, trying to be heard. I am glad I was able to be discovered by Hood and Associates, I have a big bright future ahead of me.

Ryan: How would you describe your sound to anyone that has not heard you before?

Frequency:Unique. Different. They way that I rap is not one dimensional. I have different types of flows and lyrical abilities. I use the most of punchlines, rhyme schemes, and storytelling in my music. I bring something new to the table with my EDM rapping.

Ryan: The tracks themselves are impressive not only lyrically, but also the interesting choice of beats. Can you take us through your song writing process?

Frequency:My process of writing may be just as simple as it sounds. I listen to the beat once, and replay it over and over until it’s sickening. I decipher where the hook goes and where the versus go. I then start writing my first verse, spend some time on it, go back and correct it until i continue to the hook and my next versus. I never skip ahead, and always go in order when writing.

Ryan: You have some great talent helping you out on the album. Is there anyone you would like to work with in the future if given the chance?

Frequency:If given the chance, I’d love to do a song with Eminem. I’ve listened to him since a kid and have learned a lot about writing and wordplay just from studying his style and craft. Ditch has taught me a lot about the music business as my mentor and manager, he has given me a lot of insight he learned over his career.

Ryan: At this point in your musical career what are some of your musical highlights?

Frequency:Some highlight might include working with Baby Bash together in person on a song, Having Bishop Don Juan do some collaborations on a few of my songs, and battle rapper Daylyt working with me as well. I have performed at the XO Gold Cup as a special guest in Ditch’s show in October of 2015 and At the House of Blues in Disneyland in November of 2015.

Ryan: What advice do you have to give anyone looking to make their own album?

Frequency:The advice I’d give is to stay patient and go over your work hundreds of times before finalizing it. The more you put in, the better it comes out. It takes alot of time to make a quality song let alone an album. Always focus on what positive things people say and ignore the negative ones.

Ryan: Lucid Lies is a great dark EDM style track, and it is my current favorite as well. Do you have any current favorites on the album and why?

Frequency:If I had to pick a favorite it would be “Alternate State” ft. Lil Nate Dogg. It is my favorite due to my sick wordplay, insane rapping tempo and the punchlines I deliver.
Also I really like “Crank it Up” and “Click Clak” which are two really cool songs featuring singer Mariana.

Ryan: Not many hip hop artists have used EDM beats to rap to. What made you choose this style of music to fuse with your lyrics?

Frequency:This album is EDM driven because that is what sets me apart from other rappers. I have some rap songs recorded as well that all come out in the future on the rap genre side of this double album “Fire and Lightning”. I chose this style along with the hip hop style because it’s diverse. Being able to rap to different styles of music is something new and fresh. I also chose this style due to the growing increase of EDM popularity, I hope to be playing EDC and all the big Edm festivals this year.

Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have any news that you would like to tell your fans about? Possible shows or releases?

Frequency:Fans can always check my website for up to the minute updates and also my labels only official . I will be announcing tour dates soon on my site and social media. Also please follow me on Instagram @frequencymusic and my official Facebook page is Frequency music. Thanks for doing the story on me.

by Ryan Donnelly

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