INTERVIEW: Bryan Deister

For Bryan Deister, darkness is a path walked towards and not away from. His emotionally charged album Spines Of The Heart, is not for the faint of heart. Classically trained in music, Bryan Deister brings together his collective knowledge of all things music, and has created an album that sinks its teeth into the spiny heart of the listener.

Ryan: Your musical background is classically based. Can you tell us a bit about your musical history?

Bryan: My first long-term piano teacher was classically trained.  After several years and relocating from Northern to Southern California, I changed teachers and got a crazy rockpiano teacher and I learned the art of improvisation.  After many years, I switched again back to a classically trained teacher and learned the works of Chopin, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Liszt.  So I can go back and forth between various styles of music very easily, but I would principally say that I’m a jazz musician with classical chops.

Ryan:The album Spines Of The Heart is a difficult album to describe, how would you describe to to someone that has not heard it yet?

Bryan:I would say the album is diverse with many different styles of music, but is generallya quite strange thing.  Probably the best description is to listen to it.

Ryan:Can you take us a bit through your song writing process?

Bryan:I write music every day, all the time.  I’m constantly thinking of music in my head even when I sleep.   Things just come to me, the piano and I decide to explore it, and then I usually know exactly what I want so I just record it.  Though I make it sound like it’s pure emotional, and it’s not.  It’s pure instinct with the mathematical just as present.

Ryan:The album is massive in the amount of songs it offers. How long did this album take to create?

Bryan:About 3 years actually, I had over eight hours of unique music.  When I started to put this album together I had over 50 tracks.  So I tried to cut off the fat and make an album that was cohesive.

Ryan:Where do you get your inspiration from for the music you create?

Bryan:It just comes.  Usually my best ideas come at the most inappropriate times.  But mostly what inspires my music is philosophy or any other kind of meditation.  One must allow the mind to be like a pool of water; only in its stillness can it reflect the light of the moon.

Ryan:Is there anyone in the industry that you would like to collaborate with on a future project?

Bryan:I don’t know.  I am really enjoying the freedom of doing the entire production myself, but I’m always open do music in any facet.

Ryan:Many people dream of creating their own album, do you have any advice for anyone looking to take on the challenge?

Bryan:There are two sides to the creative life, intuition and reason.  Let the intuition take the reigns at the beginning and the reason at the end.

Ryan:What are some of your current musical career highlights?

Bryan:“Spines of the Heart” is my main highlight so far.  I’m still at Berklee until August, but I’m sure I’ll do something interesting shortly after I leave.

Ryan:Into The Sky really showcases your vocal ability, and is one of my current favorites. Do you have a favorite song on the album and why?

Bryan:A lot of people have told song the best.  I wouldn’t put a song on the album that I didn’t think was good, but I will say Apart of Me took an entire summer to write and it’s over thirteen minutes.  So if I had to pick one, I’d say that Apart of Me.

Ryan:Lastly, and thank you for your time. Is there any news that you would your fans to know about for 2016?

Bryan:Already working on my next album.  Writing songs on a daily basis and hoping to graduate from Berklee this coming August and may go on tour after.

by Ryan Donnelly

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