Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Movie Night

Planning a weekend night with your friends can become repetitive and costly when it involves the usual bar, club, restaurant or trip to the movie theater. Why not bring the atmosphere of a night out with friends to your home instead with the ultimate movie night? You can pull off a memorable movie night if you take your hosting duties to the next level with the right friends and an exciting theme with accompanying drinks and games. These are the main ingredients to hosting a movie night to remember.


Choose the Right Guests

It is best to decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create before you can select a film, drinks and games. Will you and your friends have more fun making it a guys night, girls night or something mixed? If it’s a night meant for everyone you should consider which friends get along best together. Take on the role of cupid and invite certain guys and gals that may make a good match!

The Right Movie Will Make It or Break It

The movie you screen at your home should match the personalities of group dynamic. A chick-flick like “The Devil Wears Prada” won’t go over too well with most men. Neither will “Entourage” with the gals. Think of a theme such as travel, college or whatever else interests you and your group of friends most. Use that concept to plan the rest. Let’s just say if you are planning a night for you and your favorite guys and gals, a comedy like “Superbad” will be your best bet.

Plan a Theme Around the Film

Building a theme around the movie you choose is going to make your movie night one to remember. If you choose a movie like “Superbad,” a house party with the obligatory red cups found at any college party, jungle juice and drinking games are a must.

Drinks Set the Mood

A vodka-based jungle juice is an obligation with a coming of age film like “Superbad,” just as shaken martinis are with a “James Bond” flick. You can make this simple but tasty recipe with some inspiration from Ketel One.

  • 1 shot of Ketel One Vodka

  • 1 shot of cranberry juice

  • 1 shot of orange juice

  • 1 shot of pineapple juice

  • 3/4 shot of freshly squeezed lime

The recipe is ideal as it is not too strong, goes down easy and fits the film’s theme like a glove. As you and your friends are gulping this down you will be hard-pressed not to remember the massive house parties back in college as Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Mclovin set the mood with their outrageous night in search of the epic house party (a.k.a. the one you’re actually hosting).

Not Just About the Movie

If all you and your friends do is watch the movie while drinking your jungle juice, you are doing it wrong! Pause the film at different moments (as the characters enter each party) and make it your own house party. You can play the same drinking games, like flip cup and jungle juice pong, with small amounts of your Ketel One jungle juice. Change up the kind of games and drinks you serve depending on the movie you chose.

Step Back and Enjoy the Moment

The movie is playing, the drinks are flowing, your friends are playing flip cup and everyone is in character. Hopefully you are flirting with that special guy or gal you have had your eye on for months. Imagine all of that. You are successfully throwing the ultimate movie night that you and your friends will talk about until you finally cave in and throw another. Just as Seth from “Superbad” says, “people don’t forget.”

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