INTERVIEW: Ladi G and Ya Boy Skolla

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

G: I’m great no complaints just taking it day by day out here working towards success.

YBS: We’re doing great; hope you are as well!

Can you talk to us more about your single “Drop”?

G: The single drop was written by Skolla and myself during a studio session we had scheduled in New York. I presented the track, produced by Flawless (MMG producer), to Skolla during the session and we began collaborating on the track instantly. We passed back and forth ideas and agreed that the track had a dope, energetic sound to it. We literally wrote and recorded the entire song in like 3 hours.

YBS: Drop is a high energy show stopper! The lyrics are polished and the overall sound is relevant. It’s guaranteed to make everyone at the club “Drop” by the summer.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

G: Nope, the musical chemistry between me and Skolla is strong. We ran back and forth with ideas until we developed a fun and entertaining concept for the track.

YBS: I think being in different cities/states and seeing the other clubs move was the biggest inspiration.  We want to be relevant, but take things to a different level.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

YBS: Definitely; the video is actually done!! We’re currently waiting on the official release date.

G: Yes, yes – the release date for the music video for “Drop” should be dropping at the end of the month. I’m definitely excited about the video release.

So how did you become a part of the Hip Hop 4 Flint event?

YBS: Great management!

G: Our management team presented the show to us  and asked if we would be interested in performing for the event. I responded like “Absolutely, that’s not even an option.”  As an artist I feel like we are obligated to help raise awareness on all major issues affecting our community. Artist have the ability to grasp the attention of the masses through their craft. It is the responsibility of any person with that type of skill to help educate others on world issues such as the water shortage in Flint, MI.

What does participating in this event mean to you as artists?

G: It’s definitely a great opportunity to help people unify together for a great cause. Music is such a powerful tool. You can literally bring together people through good music. I’m excited and honored to be apart of this event.

YBS: It’s a way to give back. I think out of all genres, hip hop gets the most grief so it’s an honor to be a part of something so necessary and deeply rooted.

Can you tell us more about the acts playing?

G: It’s all good music, great vibes – artists coming together for a good cause.

What other way can people help?

G: Donate whatever you can to help fund the development of a new water system in Flint. Spread the word, educate others help to raise awareness so that this issue will no longer be ignored or brushed off.

YBS: I think your time is just as precious as money. The best thing I could say is to assess the needs and go from there.

What else is happening next in Ladi G and Ya Boy Skolla’s world?

G: Just taking it day by day bracing ourselves for what’s to come.

YBS: More hits!  We’re both working on individual projects and we’re looking at putting together a promo tour soon.  We’ll definitely keep you all posted!

Listen HERE

Click HERE for the event.


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