INTERVIEW: Up and coming London-based Hip-Hop artist Shay Khushrenada

Hi Shay, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been all good! Making music and living life at the moment. Recently jumped back into producing which is something new for me to work on and eventually conquer.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Candles”?

Candles is my first snippet from ‘The Karman Line’ project which will be available for free download March 11th. The track has more of a conscious focus as I talk about my recent struggles chasing a career in music, a conversation with myself recorded for all of you guys to hear.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Just the pitfalls of chasing something you love. Everyone has been through it at one point or another so I’d thought I’d address it. At the time I was working like crazy ( and still am) Toby messaged me at work like ‘SHA¥ me and Trebor got a beat for you, I just put it on Soundcloud’ I got home put my headphones on and was blown away.

How was the film experience?

Cold lol. We headed out late at night into central London with a crew getting random shots. We literally filmed all night, didn’t get home till 9am. It was a cool feeling though we really wanted those shots.

How was the recording and writing process?

From the minute I heard the beat I started writing to it, it was more like a structured freestyle, I’ve never written anything so quickly lol it’s just how I was feeling at the time, like I was struggling to juggle so many things, I put it all down on paper. I recorded the whole project with MOBBS who has a slot at NTS radio, crazy DJ, engineer and producer. I called Poetic P who’s in my collective Astronaut Heroics to drop some spoken word on the track. We headed to South London, met MOBBS and made it happen.

The single comes off your new EP The Karman Line – what’s the story behind the title?

The Karman Line represents the boundary between Earths atmosphere and outer space. It sounded cool when I read up on it, I randomly like researching anything to do with space exploration. So it signifies how we’re about to take off with the music and do something big.

What was it like to work with Radar Radio and what did he brought to the table?

Poetic P is like a brother to me , we used to work together at Vans skating and all that, putting boards together, everything. One day I showed him my old material and he gravitated to what me and boy Wilz Taylor were trying to achieve with the collective. He raps and does spoken word so I definitely wanted him to deliver something thoughtful for Candles and he came through. P is the energy of the group, always gets us into gear.

In what way has Japanese sci-fi have influence your sound?

Well it’s more so apart of my character always been into anime, especially sci-fi anime. I got a lot of love for the culture hence the ¥ in my name. I make a lot of subtle references to my favourite space themed animes like Gundam Wing, Cowboy bebop, Outlaw Star and Trigun. Lord willing I’ll be in Tokyo in July so if anyone’s around holla at me!

Any plans to hit the road?

I’d love to but not at the moment, waiting to see how a couple things play out before I make my next move, I’ll definitely be doing shows though, count on it.

What else is happening next in Shay Khushrenada’s world?

We’re going to try and give you guys an Astronaut Heroics tape and another project from me. So any fans I do have will be getting more familiar with Wilz Taylor who Is our resident singer and Poetic P who I discussed earlier. I’m also working on forming the Astronaut Heroics label too, get a roster going. We’ve recently brought Toby Kenobi and Trebor Llams into the fold, great producers. They co-produced the majority of the Karman Line. I’m really into live instrumentation at the moment so I’ve picked up piano and bass guitar, expect something different from my next LP.

Stream 10’s here:

Watch the video for lead single ‘Candles’ here:

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