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Hi Bayku, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

What’s Cracking… Thank you for having me.. I’ve been good, enjoying this beautiful weather! Lol

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Destiny”?

Surely…. Destiny is the story about how I came to London from Atlanta… A lot of people’s first question to me is always what brought you here, so in wanted to start by sharing my experience.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Most definitely… I met a lovely young lady who lived here, and I would visit quite often. She was in university at the time and I fell in love. First with her and then with london, and love is some powerful shit. I decided to leave the music I was doing in Atlanta and move here. The scene was so fresh and inspiring to me. The first relationship didn’t work out,… But the second one definitely did! That’s what “destiny” is about.

What was it like to work with Stryder and how did that relationship develop?

Tinchy is an extremely special dude, and it’s an honour to call him a brother. Working with him over the last couple of years has allowed me to learn more than I ever could have imagined. He’s been to the mountain top and has that rare ability to be confident and humble at the same time. We’re both Ghanaian so from literally the first recording session we had together we clicked, and have been chilling ever since!

How was the film experience?

Shooting the video was both crazy and dope… With videos there’s only so much you can plan, and the rest you just have to hope comes together and not look too shit. Lol this one thank god came together well. There were a lot of extras but luckily we had a cast of alot of wonderful people who made the whole experience very special for me. Was very fly.

The single comes off your new EP LOVE>FEAR – what’s the story behind the title?

LOVE > fear is more or less a culmination of all the lessons I’ve learned so far in my life. Every challenge, obstacle, or hardship I’ve been through have always been stripped down to two choices… Love or fear. I havn’t always made the right choice, but even the wrong ones have taught me which choice was more important…. It’s always love. Might sound cliche but it literally is the only right answer. At least for me. That’s what the title and the music is about.

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording process was sporadic… I’m a song writer so a lot of my time is spent writing with and for a lot of people in the industry. It’s my first love. In doing so though, you learn a lot about people, and also about yourself. It was the similarities between the two that started turning into my own songs. I started really noticing how many things all people feel and share. Once I started though it was like a tap opened up and my music started flowing.

Do you take a different approach when you write or work for someone else than when you work on your own stuff?

I think so. For some weird reason I tend to be much more critical with my own stuff, which is not always a good thing. The best music happens when your free, not thinking too much, and allow things to just flow. So I would put an I idea down for myself for instance and literally have to leave alone until i want thinking so much. Then I can come back and be natural. Has worked well so far, but that’s why I say sporadic.

Any plans to hit the road?

100%… The road is where music and people meet face to face. It’s the most important thing an artist has to offer at this point in the game. Management are lining up some really exciting things right now and you can also expect to see me along side some of my musical homies! We bout to have a lot of fun!

What else is happening next in Bayku’s world?

Besides enjoying the moment, quite a bit. There will be a couple of projects coming out soon from other incredible artist that I’ve had the opportunity to be apart of so besides my own work, you’ll be seeing my face all over the place. Very exciting times. I plan to enjoy every second of it! Lol

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