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INTERVIEW: Indie Rock The Life Electric

-Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
Ben: We’ve been great, thanks for having us!

-Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨Gone Gone Gone¨?

Joey:  A big part of the album focuses on how our perceived past, present, and anticipated future shape us in big and small ways.  For instance, what we order every morning when we get coffee is a tiny reflection on who we hoped to be, who we think we are, and if we decide it’s the greatest way to start the day, who we want to be for the long haul.  ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’ is a small story about a couple in the music scene who for years find themselves chasing whatever the next thing is.  They’re hope is that they’ll always be right there with it.  A fear of becoming irrelevant as the world passes them by drives this need until one of them decides it’s all been a big mistake.  As is often the case (I’m as guilty of this as anyone), sometimes, in this sort of manic search for what everyone can agree is the next big thing, you lose site of what you think is great and what you truly enjoy outside of whatever scene dictates you should be enjoying.  Attempting to stay relevant can become a job for some people.  And it takes a bit of the joy out of discovering and enjoying things on your own timeline.  If you’re chasing the world, inevitably, it will out run you.  It’s much more fun to sit back and watch it spin from whatever seat you have.

-Did any event in particular inspire the song?
Joey:  Nothing in particular. I think anyone in the music scene knows someone like that or is someone like that.

-The single comes off your new album The Real You – what´s the story behind the title?
Ben: The title came from the song of the same name.   It has to do with relationships and searching for that true, authentic person you really are.  A lot of the songs deal with relationships and letting go of any emotional baggage and history, so “The Real You” felt like it was describing the central theme of the album as well.

-How was the recording and writing process?
Ben: Well, for me it was the best fun I’d had in a while.  I’m already comfortable in the studio, but for me there’s zero pressure being an instrumentalist.  It’s much different when the microscope is applied to singing, which is actually one of the more humbling experiences you can have.  But Brian Charles produced the crap out of us and had great suggestions at every turn.  We were also surprisingly old school this time around in that there were relatively few plug-ins or virtual instruments.  All the delays and effects were record straight to audio as part of the performance.  And a lot of the synthesizer sounds were unique and manipulated as well, as opposed to just pulling up some preset patch to get our sounds.  Oh, and the guitars!  I went from having one or two to record with to about twenty.

-Where did you find the inspiration for the songs on the album?
Joey:  During the recording of this album we all went through a lot of change.  As individuals and as a band we got thrown the very worst and the very best of life.  This album is a reflection of that and a reflection on what exactly you do with all of that moving forward.

-What would you say is the difference between The Life Electric and your previous musical projects?
Ben: There’s no bullshit with this band.  We’re all without any ego or attitude by design.  There’s enough drama and inspiration in our everyday lives, so why add to it?  Hopefully the music’s better, too.

-Any plans to hit the road?
Ben: Yeah, we haven’t announced it yet, but we’re setting up dates for the summer.  We will be hitting up a town near you!  5 grown men, 1 car, and scorching heat – it will be smelly bliss!

-What else is happening next in The Life Electric´s world?
Joey:  Just getting ‘The Real You’ out to as many ears as possible through all available avenues.  We’re at that fun ‘on the way up’ part of our trajectory and we want to take advantage of it and hopefully get some new fans in the process.

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