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Hi MM, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Triple: been good, man all is well.

Slim: been alright.

K Man: I’m live still y’know. I’m good, I’m good. Good as I can be you get me.

SK:  im been good y’know. What a time to be alive.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Things I Need”?

Triple: its doing quite well at the moment as debut back to the scene.

Slim: I get the feeling that its spreading across the uk day by day. Every friend is telling a friend.

K Man: as you can see more people are following our fan page which gave us more confidence and its stimulating our minds for the music we’re creating.

SK: just to let you know its been a sucsessful relauch.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Triple: life itself. I think it’s a tune that everyone can relate to because in life we all need money to survive and buy things.

Slim: my inspiration is to put dow the greeze and pick up the positivity in life.

K Man: Slim’s verse inspired me to write my verse because he was the first person on the track and he came with that fire.

SK: just the events that’s been going on over the past two years, it was a mad ting like I say in the lyrics.

What was it like to work with Ivery Woodz and how did that relationship develop?

Triple:  that wasn’t my first time working with that talent. As he’s apart of 2000 & Triple it wasn’t the first time we worked together. As you observed he has a very unique. He came up with the hook in minutes.

Slim: it just flowed effortlessly. He’s like one of the lads. We know him though Triple.

K Man: its part of 200 & Triple ent so we’ve worked together in the past working with ivery is like working with the team.

SK: it developed though triple b. it was a pleasure to work with him. Plenty more collabs to come.

With a new lineup does this mean we can expect some changes as for the sound goes?

Triple: its no different. They weren’t involved in “Come Correct” so it doesn’t affect the sound. Other than that the sound is just more mature.

Slim:  its not gonna change. Were pretty used to it just being the four of us.

K Man: It doesn’t really affect the music because at the same time I don’t think they’re rapping no more and there’s differences which we don’t need to address but we’re MM and that doesn’t affect what we’re bulding.

SK: much bigger and better and the bond is stronger. Its all real. The chemistry is strong and m.a.doubles the manager so its concrete and firm.

Does the single works as a sneak peek for an upcoming album? How’s that coming along?

Triple: definitely give you an insight into how the complete project is gonna sound creativity wise, how everyone attacks the tracks from different angles, and the beats.

Slim: We’re flying though the project so far. We’re taking this music thing very serious. Just expect loads of vibes and energies.

K Man: its definitely a sample but at the same time we’re versatile, so its not gonna be the same wave because we’re versatile.

SK: definitely, its coming as long perfect. Were only making quality tracks. Nothing but quality beats, all through MM its not like were getting beats from other people and were all making an effort.

Any plans to hit the road?

Triple: definitely, all in due time.

Slim: we got plans, but we got music the fans need to hear first.

K Man: m.a., our manager, has got that in the pipeline. So look out for that. Updates to follow soon.

SK: most definitely I thing if we do shows well be one of the best. The energy will rub off so shows are definitely in the pipelie. Promotors holla m.a.

What else is happening next in MM’s world?

Triple: Just a lot of material.

Slim: Just a lot of work.

K Man: everythings happening at the moment. I’ve seen sad faces turn happy. the connections are growing. We went to SK new home town of Sheffield to shoot the new video “Double M” linked his people and it was a shut down and we went to Italy to shoot another video for our track “work” so that’s another one to look out for. Triple’s finally back in the studio making bangers and I found myself finding time to write more lyrics

SK: its going international. So the world is our world. Just next level stuff all the easy ten steps ahead of the competitions.

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