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INTERVIEW: The Brazen Youth

Welcome back to VENTS! How have you guys been?

Thank you..we were really happy to see that you guys wanted to catch up with us. Even after years of other things popping up in our lives and such, when you search the brazen youth in Google, one of the first things that always come up is an article from you guys saying “Introducing The Brazen Youth”. It’s super weird to go back and see what our ambitions were then and what we say as our biggest accomplishment and so on. We are like the iPhone 4 and your article is like the first iPhone to us; not as refined and accomplished as it is now, but it’s nice to look back and see how much has changed since. – Charlie

Can you talk to us a little about your latest single Let Us Be Alone Again?

So let us be alone again was a song that started out with a lot of desperation we had in the moment. We’re only 17 now, and this election will be the first one we will vote in. The political influence behind this song can be seen as very straight forward in the opening section with lines like “we all bowed down to a man in a toupee” and “you’re not my leader, I don’t belong here” and so on. However, this song was really inspired about the ever ongoing shift between capitalism and socialism in the United States. You have socialism and the individual loses portion ms of human nature and you have capitalism and being equal human beings becomes something that is nearly impossible to obtain. Right now, I feel as if we are in a phase moving away from the capitalistic ways of the golden Reagan age and towards a more progressive way of living. Looking back, it was interesting to me to see how art has changed as a result to capitalism and how devalued it has become. That’s what this song Is really about. It’s a call for people to wake up, to be aware, to be alive. Some of the lines like,

“Let us be alone again to run again in our own direction, I was floating in the wind, you took me in, performed your own castration.”, or “those who say they’re fine and alive are lying dire in a circle of fire…believe in the power of perception.” Were the calls we want everyone to hear and we hope it will strike a vain in someone. – Charlie

So how was that filming experience?

I’m assuming you’re talking about the filming experience from our latest live session late this fall. It was a super cool time. In the past, our videos had been us showing up somewhere and being filmed or just a live show being recorded, but we had never done anything like this before. Working with Josiah Tate Burns was like filing with nobody else. He knew how to capture the emotion, and that’s always been the most important thing to us. Chris Ritter did the sound on it and he really saved that video. The entire mix was just from one room mic but somehow, through a ton of EQ and compression on that kick drum, he made it work. Josiah just released another video on his Vimeo channel of us and it’s basically an abstract perspective on the Brazen Youth concert experience. Definitely worth checking out. – Charlie

The single comes off the album the ever dying Bristlecone man, I hear this is a concept album. What is this concept, and why a concept album?

The Every Dying Bristlecone Man is the most confusing concept album of all time. This is partly because the two of us are the most indecisive people you’ll ever meet and partly because we’ve spent a couple years now writing and recording for this album. There’s one basic concept to it and it is basically an album revolving around this man we’ve titled “The Ever Dying Bristlecone Man”. This man is brought to the earth during early humanity and he experiences a near-infinite amount of experiences with reincarnation while remembering his past lives. We write about his experiences, the perspectives he’s gained, the psychopath he becomes after losing loved ones over and over again as his journey progresses, and then finally, facing the end of humanity and living and dying off with the light people.

Why a concept album?

I’m not exactly sure..but if I had to guess, I’d say we chose a concept album because expressing ourselves has always been a very uncomfortable and complex process for the two of us, and expressing ourselves through someone else is a much more comfortable way for us to do it. This concept is a very worldly one as well and we’ve always connected beautiful with Atmospherical somehow and we knew we were the ones made to execute this album. – Charlie

How was the recording and writing process?

Let Us Be Alone Again was a heterodox of a song – for us at least. Never in our lives have we put so much thought and perspective into a single song. Also, creating a song with a sense of agreement and teamwork was an unusual concept to us. Usually it’s my perspective verses Charlie’s, and we’ll consistently argue about what sounds best and what’s necessary for the song to be complete and what’s “ruining the song and making it completely unlistenable”. But for Let Us Be Alone Again, we had a mutual cognizance of what the necessary portrayal and message of the song was: a political statement and a societal presage. And in the end, we felt we adequately presented, with passion, emotion intertwined with rationality – which was surely something we shot for, and is certainly something we always shoot for. It took us about three months to record this song and make it listenable. Before that, we spent a few months writing. But this was one of those songs that wasn’t fully written until the last “export” button was pushed and the song was irreversibly perpetuated into the air. But in honesty, it probably won’t be fully written until we obtain some sort of communal response to it. – Nicholas

 What kind of tedious things did you went through this record?

For starters, Charlie and I share a common tendency of being incredibly stubborn. And for us, this particular trait can serve as both a strength and a weakness. But for this specific song, there was a mutual understanding of what the overall conveyance needed to be – a powerful message to attempt to thwart any form of devaluation of art – a concept in which we both perceive as crucial to the well being of the sensible Earth. Because of this, we were equally exposed to immense pressure whilst executing this song – that being: if we failed to adequately produce the message we were attempting to produce, we would feel as though we’d failed as artists. In simplest words, there was an overwhelming amount of mental exhaust, and much less physical exhaust. – Nicholas

How much did you get to experiment on this album?

To be fully honest, much of this album hasn’t been recorded yet. We’ve completed the writing process, and now we’re pondering proper executions for each song. Every aspect of every song needs to be thoroughly thought out – from basslines to harmony placement to song structure in general. Although, we have experimented quite a bit in terms of modifying our writing rituals and attempting to remove ourselves from our mental “safe place” and explore the realms of different perspectives – which has surely provided us with an abundance of crisp ideas for song structures and has broken any sort of conceptual boundaries we may have had in the past. So, in essence, yes. Expect to hear new noises. – Nicholas

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

​Let Us Be Alone Again is exorbitantly influenced by the political race for the Presidential candidacy which is currently occurring. Some of the words and beliefs of a specific candidate have insulted us greatly, and, to be completely honest, have frightened us (hint: it rhymes with Tonald Drump). The words and temperament of this particular candidate appeared to us as being bombastic, materialistic, and simply arrogant. So, we rebelled in the most effective way we know how: through music. – Nicholas

Any plans to hit the road?

Definitely. We’re currently in the process of planning a road trip adventure of sorts for this upcoming summer. We plan on traveling to northern cities such as Portland, Burlington, and Albany. What will we do there? We plan on sleeping in tents and busking on street corners while attempting to attain the perspective of humans living destitute lives. – Nicholas

What else is happening next in The Brazen Youth’s world?

​We’ll be moving to Boston sometime this year with full hopes of networking, meeting interesting people, and perhaps even putting our careers on track. We’ll be dropping The Ever-Dying Bristlecone Man sometime this summer. So stay tuned…big things are underway. – Nicholas

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