INTERVIEW: Brooke Forman

Hi Brooke, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey! Thank you for having me! I’m great, how are you?

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Lioness”?

So, every time I write, I draw inspiration from life experiences and it’s imperative for me to bring truth to my music. I wrote the record with the talented Benny Reiner (drummer of Broadway’s hit new musical “Hamilton”). “Lioness” is one of those songs that really just depicts who I am perfectly as a person. The song was born from this part of my soul, who lives like a wanderlust gypsy, always filled with adventure, whenever I roam the road less traveled. I have an obsession with obtaining ultimate freedom. I really wanted to share my message to everyone who has ever told me that I’m crazy for just packing up to leave everything behind and taking risks to embrace the world solo; I wanted to say, yes I may be bat-shit crazy, but I am really living. When people can let go of this fear fed to them by the media of how certain places and people are portrayed to be, they will start to see the beauty within humanity and the kindness of strangers. I’ve also just always felt like a lioness, being a prideful Leo and all with my big curly hair 🙂

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song? 

Yes, there were many recklessly beautiful stories I have had abroad that created the life behind “Lioness”. From hitchhiking on a motorcycle through the islands of Greece, to waiting for the sun to come up under a thousand stars in the night sky in the deserts of Nevada, to exploring the hidden labyrinth treasures of Morocco, or bringing food to the Vietnamese children living in ethnic minority villages tucked away in the mountain tops and after going through a really hard heartbreak, discovering the rebirth and love within myself in Bali surrounded by rice fields and monks; I feel beyond blessed for these small moments I have embarked on, which led to the creation of “Lioness”.

Can you tell us more about the upcoming video? 

The video was shot out in Miami and it was directed by Arina Bleiman & Jesse Rosenberg. We had an idea of what we wanted, but we sort of just shot spontaneously in locations we were finding in the moment, since that vibe tied into the whole theme of what “Lioness” is. I drew a lot of inspiration from my idol, Stevie Nicks who I even wrote a lyric about in the song. Also, I wanted to give it this Lana Del Ray essence, especially for the pool hall scene. For me the video was about showing this girl, who where ever she ended up, she could be who ever she wanted to be and then just move on to the next place. The purple hair was more of her alter ego 🙂

The single comes off your new EP – any tentative title in mind?

The EP is called “Lioness”. There will be four tracks that I can’t wait to share with everyone!

How was the recording and writing process? 

The recording and writing process was the easiest and fastest part. It organically just happened between Benny and I. We actually did everything out of his living room home studio in the east village, New York City. I would come to him with a story and concept that I wanted to get out of me and more so get out to share with everyone else, then we would just dive in and begin creating.

What was it like to work with Benny Reiner and how did that relationship develop? How much did he get to influence the album? 

Benny is great at catchy hook lines and I like to pride myself on being a storyteller through a lot of imagery as a lyricist. We just worked really well together and everything we came up with was pretty much an equal collaboration. I’m glad I got to work on my EP with him before he made it to Broadway!

How has NYC have influence your sound? 

I’ve been living in NYC for nearly a decade. I think the best way for me to answer that would be, living here is really just the definition of having ‘soul’ which it certainly drives out into my voice. I am a pop/dance music girl at heart but everything I do, I want it to carry ‘soul’.

I live all the way uptown which kind of influences more of that street, hip-hop vibe I love to listen to. There are so many different sounds happening simultaneously in NYC, that you can really pull inspiration from just about anywhere.

Any plans to hit the road? 

I’m always ready and manifesting to hit the road. I just got back from spending two months in SE Asia where I traveled four countries and performed live shows out in Bali. The plan now is to book shows and take my EP on tour in the upcoming months, whether it be Europe, Asia or the States, if I can travel and sing, that is the ultimate success for me.

What else is happening next in Brooke Forman’s world? 

I’m getting ready to drop the “Lioness” EP, book some gigs, start shooting my next music video “Mad Rollercoaster” and I just wrote a film. But, at the end of the day, I just really love coming home to my kitten, Morocco 🙂

Stay tuned, lots more new music on the way! Thank you!

WATCH: Brooke Forman “Lioness”

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