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INTERVIEW: Night Lights

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?“: Hello Vents! We’ve been well! On our grind here now in LA!” –Yusuke

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Take My Hand”?: “Take My Hand is a really special release for us. It’s been almost two years since we released our debut EP, and in the interim we’ve been pushing ourselves to sort of “go deeper” as musicians and expand our sound as a band. We feel this new single shows how we’ve grown as artists and as people, and is a big step in the direction we want to continue to go creatively. I think lyrically the song deals a lot with uncertainty and self-doubt, and the hope that we find in relationships. Through relying on community, we can build one another up to accomplish really cool things. That truth resonates for us as a band, since we recently moved to LA and Take My Hand is our first release as full-time artists and as a west coast band. We continue to rely on each other in the midst of a very daunting and uncertain industry. But beyond that, the message of Take My Hand rings true for each of us individually and we believe it’s a struggle and a hope that will resonate with our listeners as well.” –Jeff

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?: “I think it was the “quarter life crisis” that hit me when graduation came around. I was feeling really down about myself and doubting my value as a musician, as a person, a friend, a family member, etc. I just wasn’t in a happy place and so I started searching for a purpose, for some sort of solution to what ever was going on inside. We don’t like to promote our religious views because we appreciate any spiritual walk, but I will say that this song for me is very spiritual. That said, i started finding God in the people around me and the help and care that my groups and communities have for me. Thats what this song is about.” –Mau

Can you tell us more about the upcoming video?: “This video is an interesting take on the internal struggle between what is luring us and seducing us, and what is good for us and brings true joy.” –Mau

How was the recording and writing process?: “Take My Hand was recorded over a year ago, along with several other songs.. So it’s a song that to us has been around for a while. Like most our material, this song started with a musical idea with the band all together. I believe it first developed around a 4 bar guitar riff that we started playing with, and we eventually turned it into a song. We do like to play out ideas as a band in the rehearsal space, and to work out the different sections of the song.. then Mau will improvise lyrics and melody on top at first. Often with a recording of raw ideas, he will sit down to write lyrics and refine a melody, and then take it back to the band where we all are able to give input and feedback. Drums, bass and most vocals where recorded in a actual studio, while we did a lot of guitars in a dirty basement where we used to rehearse. It’s been great to have our good friend Fernando Familiar aboard to produce our new material, and he’s glued it all together nicely!” –Dag

This single is part of a series you are kicking off on 2016 – would this lead to an album?: “We’ve been working hard on new material for the past couple years, so yes, we have enough songs written and recorded to comprise a full length album. That being said, we’re really excited about Take My Hand and a couple more singles set to be released in the coming months. For now, the singles are all we plan to release, but we’re working to get the right platform and support together to be able to share all of the new material with our friends and fans when the timing feels right!” –Jeff

Are all songs related or somehow connected?: “They aren’t in any specific order. But they are very much related. Take my hand addresses is about finding healing in the soul by offering healing to the people around you. the next single (which i will keep a secret as long as i can) is making light of how i view things and how caught up i get in what i want and the “me me me” attitude. and the last one is about happiness. They’re not necessarily related to each other, but will be tied together in the future *wink wink*” –Mau

Any tentative release date for your upcoming track?: “We have couple of things planned for you guys! Can’t wait to share soon!” — Yusuke

Coming all from different backgrounds and cultures – how have this influence your music?: “Yea you know I definitely think it expands our creativity. The more different we are, the more diverse our music will be. And that’s why we love to make music collaboratively. We do also share the love and passion for a lot of the same music, values and beliefs, so we’re still mostly on the same page even though we all are very different individuals.” –Dag

Any plans to hit the road?: “We’re currently building our show schedule for the rest of the year, and looking to play locally around LA a lot, to get more acquainted with the city, and to get the city more acquainted with us. The plan is definitely to see those Los Angeles-area shows ramp up to a tour of the west coast, and potentially beyond, as the summer comes around. We’ll be sure to keep you guys and all our fans informed as show and tour dates become more solidified!” –Jeff

What else is happening next in Night Lights’ world?: 

“Hopefully marking new friends here in LA! And making a home of it!” –Yusuke


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