INTERVIEW: Vanna’s Davey Muise Talks About “Find Your Shovel”

Hi Davey, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey thanks, I’ve been very very good. Busy but I love being that way.

How did you come up with the idea for Find Your Shovel?

I don’t think I came up with the idea, just more so gave it a visual everyone can vibe on. The idea of taking what your passionate about and sharing it is something I’ve discovered to be actually life changing and in some cases life saving. You gotta think, for the most part we are the same, so maybe the thing that helped me in my dark times, the thing that helped dig me out of my hole, well maybe that could also help someone else, and once you’re out of the hole and standing on solid ground, well you have a responsibility to then look around and see others buried and take a look at your shovel, your passion and think, can this help anyone else? I promise you, it can.

I understand you are a former school teacher – did this had anything to do with you starting this?

I’ve been working with kids since I was one. Growing up in a Family day care, working after school programs with the YMCA, youth ministry worker, playing in bands. It’s always been about the kids and it always will be. Every new generation is the future and I’m about investing in what’s next, not what already happened. This is me continuing giving back, this is another chapter in the book.

What´s usually your working method, what usually do you look after with this initiative?

I listen. These kids get talked to all day every day and the problem is no ones listening. I share my story and listen to theirs. It’s simple man, there’s no method, there’s no scheme, I just share and listen and care. Goes a long way.

Do you focus on any particular adversity?

We all suffer together. No matter the issue they all are important. Needs are needs.

You are also a musician – how do you use music to spread the message?

I would say I’m a musician before anything else. Music is how I started. I would be able to be in front of thousands of students before being in front of a few kids baring it all a show. My therapy sessions were recording records. Tell my story over music is how this all started, seeing the response it pushed me to go further and that reach continues on.

How can other people help?
Say hi to someone. Tell them you like there outfit today, spread that positive mind set hat everyone matters. At school, work, wherever. So many people feel alone, let’s make sure they know they’re not.
Any plans to hit the road?

Dates are posted, more to come. I’m never not planning on hitting the road. Jan-March in clubs with a few rad bands, all summer on a dream tour, live for the gig.

What else is happening next in Davey Muise´s world?

I never know what’s next but when it happens, you’ll know. More music, more touring, more schools, more Davey. It’s too late too stop, no going back for this guy. Snag me on social media and I’ll keep everyone updated. Stop isn’t a word I use to often.

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