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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We are doing great, and it is an honor for us to answer your questions.

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨Here We Are, There We Go¨?

We have created the song because in today’s news you see it all around the current situation with the refugees in Europe and in the world. We are from Austria so we have seen it really in a daily basis. We think it is not necessary to point out that we did not made the song for the illegal refugees but for those who really had to escape their homes, family and their own country. About the Lyrics, this was the result of the actual road the most refugees had to go. We know that we polarize the opinions of the people. But like we said, this song is dedicated to the poor people who really had to leave everything behind and experienced really a hard journey on their own or even with their children and wife’s.

What inspired you to write this song?

It is very comfortable to sit in your cosy couch in your nice living room and see the news and say: “Ohh, this people are really poor!”. We think most of the people forgot that this refugees are actual human beings with their families. Just think about if you would be in this situation. So we have decided to do something about it with the power of music and love. Every cent we earn from the profit of this song we give it to the refugees. So maybe we can help the refugees by creating this song and that the other people start to think positive and help each other out.

Now, the thing with tolerance today is that for many it has become a short way of saying ¨F. You¨ or ¨Let me be myself, even when I stomp into your beliefs, etc.¨, everyone talks about respect this and that but no one really wants to give the first step – are you following today´s trend or you are really looking for the real love and respect?

Pipo: Let me answer this question if I may. I am half Filipino and half Austrian. I was born and raised in Austria, graduated in Austria and obviously have the Austrian citizenship. But the only thing I have not are the typical looks of an Austrian. I have experience racism, intolerance and disrespect my entire life and just because I do not look like an obvious Austrian. Nevertheless I always treated my fellows with love and respect. With Mr. Eric K. as my band partner who really is an outstanding human being, with his beliefs, thinking and his open minded attitude, I am really blessed, because he really does not differentiate between skin color, religious beliefs or the background of the people. Just look at us we are in every way the opposite. Young-old, white-brown, full Austrian- half Filipino, Rock-Hip Hop and so on. So, We treat each other with a lot of respect and love and of course our goal is it to spread this message to the world.

Both of you come from different backgrounds – do you try to blend them together or this would be a departure of all you have done?

Actually this all was a nice and funny coincidence. This all just happened. We just jammed together and out of the experiment to combine the Rock sounds and voice of Eric K. and the Hip Hop flow and beat from Pipo Loopexx was created. We get a lot of positive feed back from the people and how long we get this we will continue with our music.

How was the recording and writing process?

Recording was actually very simple and great, we both love studio work. Especially with Matthias the guy behind the table, to work with him is really fun and professional. Actually we always come with a basic song and a basic idea to him and see what will happen. The most songs are the result of different jam sessions in our rehearsal room. The lyrics of “Here we are. There we go” were written because we have thought about the actual path the refugees had to travel to come to a better world.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how´s that coming along?

We have 12 songs in our pipeline which are actually finish. This songs will be released in our first album with the name “Digital Religion” which we will have until the end of march. We are really curious which affect the songs will have to the people.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Yes, our song “Africa-open wide land” release date in April.

Any plans to hit the road?

At this time we are organizing our schedule. Would be great to have some gigs in the UK soon.

What else is happening next in Loopexx´s world?

Finish the album, be excited about the reaction of the people, planning our next charity concert, hope that the people like what we are doing and have fun and play live as much as possible.

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