INTERVIEW: Dreams of Vertigo

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? We’ve been great, thanks for asking. Hope you guys are doing great. Thanks for the interest in working with us.

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨Blakey´s Goldfinger¨? It’s a transition song, relating to the transition our band just went through in multiple ways.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? 2015 was a really driving year, with shows played at the House of Blues Anaheim, Viper Room and opening up for Eve 6. At the same time with all these ups, came a down. Our old lead guitarist was having some personal life issues and after an executive decision, he put his music dreams on hold and left the band. During this time we played as a 3-piece and started writing as a 3-piece. One day, Doug came to the band with a simple ska-punk riff. The whole band seemed to enjoy it, and we knew we wanted to do something with it. However, with all the other stuff going on with the band, we had to put it on the back burner.

How was the recording and writing process? Our friend Paul Miner, who has worked with some of our favorite bands (New Found Glory, Thrice,Atreyu, etc…) said he was looking to record a new band. He really liked what he heard in us. Shortly after, he went to Japan on tour with Zebrahead. So as a band we got together and tried to figure out a good song to record. Eventually we kept coming back to the same ska- punk song. It was just the most natural song. So along with some pre production with Doug and Paul, we got into the studio and hammered out what became “Blakey’s Goldfinger”. Lyrically, Doug originally was going to write it about another situation, but ending up writing about our old guitarist Devin (“Blakey”). Lyrically he wanted it to be not just a tribute to his best friend, but to get out his emotions and show everyone exactly how he felt about losing a very big part of the band.

How has the Orange County scene have influence your music? Growing up in Southern California, we were all influenced by the pop punk and hardcore bands. Bands that we grew up listening to. I’d say 90% of them are from here, and we as a band all have different tastes and influences. Bringing that mix to the table helps us take a riff or beat and evolve it. Form it into the final piece. Writing a song can take weeks just to make sure we’re happy with it, we’ve tried rushing songs, and in the end those end up out the window… With a couple exceptions obviously. Orange County is full of local bands trying to get noticed. For us to stand out, we want to mix things up with our songs and play every live show like it’s our last. Because anyone can stand on a stage, play their instrument and nail every note correctly. We want you to come to our show and be entertained by the music and performance not just one or the other. As a band that grew up in the Orange County music world, we have seen all the good acts get their breaks. For us, it’s about entertaining. We have been a live band since day one. Putting on a different show so the hardest of hardcore fans will enjoy every show, and the newest of new fans will too. It’s about creating a community for us. Allowing the fans to be part of us, part of the music, and part of our lives. For us, that’s what we appreciate the most in some of the bands we grew up with. The community they bring, and how you don’t feel like they have an ego and are better than the fans. You are part of their family. We absolutely love our fans, and appreciate every single one that’s come to our shows, and bought our merch or downloaded our music.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how´s that coming along? New material is definitely being worked on, we’ve promoted our last album and played as many as shows as we could for it and now we are concentrating on “Reject University Part 2: From 6 to Midnight”. We are pressuring ourselves to have it released by end of this summer. Along with that release, we plan on doing a fall tour. As a band we are always working on pushing each other. Pushing the boundaries of what we are capable off.

Any tentative release date or title in mind? Hoping for summer 2016

Last album had a special collaboration by a music icon and a big deal – can we expect this with the new material? Having Mike Herrera from MxPx on our last album was like a dream come true, he’s one of the greatest guys you’d ever meet, and growing up listening to him and mxpx, then having him sing on one of our songs is truly a blessing. I still get a little crazy when I hear him sing on “Head Vs. Heart” Saying it was a dream come true is cliché, but true.

Now for part 2, we’re not making any promises on any collaborations, but there is some talking going on with another punk rock icon. It’s something that just has to happen. We would love to opportunity to work with another legend. Collaborations in general are something we love doing. We have a short list of musicians we would love to work with, and hopefully we can nail something down for “Part 2” or even beyond.

Any plans to hit the road? We plan on hitting the road this year. Hoping to expand our shows to other areas is something I think we all really want to do. To have the chance to see fans in other parts of the U.S. (and beyond someday soon), is something we really want. Right now we are working hard on the next EP, and writing like crazy so who knows where we will end up.

What else is happening next in Dreams of Vertgo´s world? In the Dreams of Vertigo world… well we can proudly announce that Joe is our new lead guitarist, and back up vocalist. We are releasing a music video to support the single “Blakey’s Goldfinger”, and other than working on the new album, we’ve been working really hard at promoting our band and spreading our music anywhere and everywhere. We are also working on getting all our songs we ever released available on online outlets(iTunes, Spotify, Google, etc..). This is something that was never available before, and something we are excited to be able to do. We are working really hard on writing new music, playing bigger shows, and making new friends with anyone who wants to hear us. 2016 is starting out as one of the most exciting years we have ever had and it’s looking up from here.

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