The beautiful thing about an EP is its ability to say a lot in a short amount of time. A band knows they only have a few songs to make or break their future release, so usually they pick the current best. For the eclectic, genre bending, and versatile Bad Reed, they chose their songs both carefully and well on their self titled EP. This three song EP packs more punch than ones with double the amount of songs, and from the start to the finish, this EP never slows its awesome pace.


Ryan: A band name is one of the hardest decisions a band can make, can you tell us how you came up with Bad Reed?

Graham: When we were trying to come up with a name, we knew we wanted something short, simple and familiar but unique and modest. Given those requirement, ‘Bad Reed’ was the only name said out loud that none of us hated.

Ryan: The EP was, sadly, only three songs, I would have enjoyed hearing about fifty more. With that being said, when can we expect the full album?

Graham: We are very anxious to record again. If we could, we would go to the studio tomorrow. However we have a lot of work between now and that point. We have three tracks hot off the press and ready to be recorded but we are hoping for a seven to eight track album. Given that we have some writing and money to save up. I guess the long way around answer to your question would be a bit less than a year today.

Ryan:With your music crossing so many different musical landscapes, how would you describe your EP to someone that has never heard it?

Costa: It’s a small glimpse into the wide world of music we all listen to and love. The movement within the 3-track EP directly relates to how we want to hear our favouritemusics. We in Bad Reed listen to different music every day, and are indeed different from each other. This variance allows us to draw on musical forms from many different time periods and styles.

Ryan:Where do you find your inspiration for the songs you write?

Costa: Inspiration can come from anywhere. A blizzard, a video game, a picture: anything! Music is the description of the intensely beautiful and the ruthlessly mundane. The method changes every time, and the madness follows.

Ryan:How do you go about writing your songs?

Costa: One of the keys to what success we do have in our songwriting is balancing organic thought with organization.

Graham: We enjoy writing songs the greatly differ from one another. One of the best ways we achieve that is my trying to write in different ways. A couple examples of that would be; in Cassava, Costa (the drummer) wrote a large part of that song on guitar. Or for the song Slackjaw Romance, we started with Sydney’s vocals and wrote the song around it.

Ryan:Punch It was my favorite song on the album. Do you have any favorites and why?

Costa:We find Cassava to be fun to play, listen to, and it captures an essence not-too-often heard in the tunes of our contemporaries. It also seems to be the closest to the direction of our newer material.

Ryan:At this in your musical careers is Bad Reed a full time project or do you juggle other careers as well?

Graham: We wish for Bad Reed to be full time. Every day we are working hard to get us to that level. Currently we still do have day jobs, not for long though 😉 Sydney waits tables at a Chinese restaurant. Costa sells computers at a retailer. Austin is a truck driver for a furniture company and I am a driving instructor.

Ryan:If you could collaborate on a future project with any artist, who would you choose to work with?

Graham: I think it would be amazing to collaborate with any veteran rock musician. Say Jimmy Page or Steely Dan. Having their expertise and our youthful ideas, we could make some truly unique music.

Ryan:Do you have any advice to give to musicians looking to make their own EP?

Sydney:Find a studio with people who make you feel comfortable to create. Remember that you get what you pay for but that some people are asking too much, and some people are asking too little. Research the studios you are considering thoroughly and know what you want going into it. Things will get expensive and likely frustrating if you go into the studio with half an idea of what you want.

Ryan:You are currently touring South-Eastern Canada, how is that going so far?

Costa:It’s great! Playing music in venues we’ve never been to, sharing experiences with new people, and creating home based in each city along the way! It pays to be friendly in this industry!

Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have any news you would like to tell your fans about?

Costa:Thanks for taking the time to organize this interview with us! We have plenty of worthwhile gigs coming up and we’re dropping a music video for our track Punch It within a month or so, stay tuned!!

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