INTERVIEW: The Toxic Avenger

Hi Simon, welcome to VENTS! How have you been lately?
Pretty Fine! I’ve been really busy those last months … What about you?

Can you tell us more about the story behind your tracks ¨Over Me¨ and ¨Mob¨?
Those were the first songs i wanted the people to hear from my new album … They both sound quite new to me but with this old toΞic sound twist i guess!

Did any event/s in particular inspire the song?
To be honest, this year ’15 was one of the worst year of my life … some of my friends and some of my family died … + obviously all the attacks in Paris … I needed to eΞpiate everything by doing this album ..

Why releasing this time a music video 2×1 (with two different singles) instead of one?
I wanted the music videos to be more more of a mini movie than just a music video! All the music videos from this album are going to be related to each other’s…

Are both songs connected somehow?
By the music video at least! As I mentioned before, this album is more of a concept album than a normal and classic album…

How was the filming experience? (Where, when… everything you want to add here is really welcome)
We filmed the music videos in Thessaloniki, Greece.. It’s one of my favorite city in the world, and i guess only few people knows it … Everyone knows Athens for sure, and Greece is also famous for the islands, but nobody really knows about Thessaloniki, who’s the 2nd biggest city of Greece .. And i also wanted to show Greece like i love it, without all the clichés, no blue rooftop, no feta etcetc This city and the people there are really amazing, you should definitively go there if you have a chance!

The single comes off your new album ≡ – what´s the story behind the title? What else can you advance to us on the LP?

Can be whatever you want… 3, like the number of my albums / a Greek X , called xi / just 3 lines / a movement you can join ( BY THE WAY JOIN US ON THE Ξ MOVEMENT ) i worked on this with a talented graphic designer called Tsuchinoko, who’ve been my artistic director on this record.

How it was everything during the recording and writing process? Main variations during this new composing/recording process comparing to “Romance & Cigarettes”?
Oh yes … With romance, I’ve done something i really wanted to do for a long time: A pop LP, 80’s inspired I had to do it!! It was like a fantasy.. i worked on romance with a lot of people, a lot of gear, been doing a tour with a lot of oooold synths and stuffs … On Ξ, I came back to the old formula, Just me and my studio, nothing really pop, tons of coffee and red wine, i traveled a lot, watched a lot of movies.. I also tried to be as heavy as my old songs like Toxic is dead, but being more minimalist as well, I tried to get rid of too much saturation, and tried to be deeper and deeper and deeper.

Just as the title of the album, will have the rest of songs some deep or philosophical stories behind?
Yep! Mostly on the “even if I am surrounded by a tons of people, am i alone? ” theme.

Much more instrumental this new work than the last… For this reason, more deep, dark and personal maybe?
Yes, no pop structure, all instrumental, deeper. DEEPER…

Any plans to hit the road?
For sure, I’ll be touring all 2016, probably all around the world, with machine, and my friend Greg. A simple formula, Clubby and dark.

What else is happening next in The Toxic Avenger´s world?
LP is out on February 12th, neΞt music video is out on the same day … and it’ll be snowy!

Thanks for your time!

ThanΞ !

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