INTERVIEW: Smoke Season

VENTS: Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

SMOKE SEASON: Doing well, thanks 🙂

VENTS: Can you talk to us more about your latest single, “Loose”?

SS: “Loose” is the first single off our new EP, Ouroboros, and definitely sets the tone for the entire project.

VENTS: Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

SS: We don’t kiss and tell.

VENTS: How did you come up with the idea for a 4-video series?

SS:  Throughout the years, a lot of fans and critics have noted the cinematic nature of our music.  So, we decided to take it a step further and deliver our new EP with a dose of cinema.

VENTS: Will they be following up the same theme or story?

SS:  All 4 music videos follow one story arc.  Thematically, they continue to explore the idea that the human experience is inherently connected.

VENTS: How was the film experience?

SS: It was (and continues to be) a lot of work and a huge learning experience.

VENTS: What was it like to work with Lexi Ainsworth, Nicole Fox and Julian de La Calle and how did they come on board?

SS: We’re so lucky to be able to call them friends (don’t tell them we’re actually just band geeks!) 

They’re all so talented and it was incredible to see them work.  There were a few moments on set where their performances we so powerful we had to pick our jaws off the floor. 

VENTS: The single comes off your new EP, Ouroboros – what’s the story behind the title?

SS: The Ouroboros, from the Greek οὐροβόρος ὄφις (tail-devouring snake) is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail. 

The first time we encountered this image was during a 4-minute YouTube video in which a devastatingly beautiful pet store snake slowly devoured itself. The image has been haunting me since. 

The tragedy lies within the snake’s anatomy. Once a snake’s chewing muscles are activated, the animal will have a very difficult time stopping itself from digesting its prey – even when the meal is itself.  Most times, the only thing that stands between the snake and certain death is human intervention.

The concept of the film and music video series was born from this idea — intervention. Often times, the random emotional collisions we have with complete strangers can become the most compelling of life’s catalysts. These accidental interventions can either be profoundly constructive or just the opposite. 

The mythologically-rooted definition of Ouroboros explains that destruction is only temporary and we are reborn from the ruin.

Deep, eh?

VENTS: How was the recording and writing process?

SS: Our songs always evolve a lot in the recording process.  With this EP, the songs were concepts we had been performing for a couple of years that we wanted to finally get recorded for the fans that had been hearing them live.  We actually have some amazing fans who know our unreleased songs by name because of a couple performance videos and just coming to live shows.  The EP is definitely dedicated to them.

VENTS: When you started the band – did you initially want to blend all your influences together or how did that come about?

SS: We’re a band who loves buffets.  We enjoy a little of everything.  We had some really ardent influences we didn’t want to loosen our grip on and ended up combining them into one sound.

It’s like electronic music had an affair with film scores in the Wild West (with a lot of whiskey and folklore) and gave birth to a soulful love child.

VENTS: Will all the songs deal with current topics such as LGBT, love, and those type of subjects? Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

SS: Each video follows a different “cause” so-to-say.  The one thing they have in common is that everyone in the world is a shade of gray with their own story.  Even the worst villain backstory could inspire empathy when understood.  We tried to explore human stories in this project.

VENTS: Any plans to hit the road?

SS: We’re playing SXSW and some spring tour dates.  But… we’re the most excited about a big summer tour that’s currently in the works.

VENTS: What else is happening next in Smoke Season’s world?

SS: Already started working on our next album.  What can we say?  We’re full of feels.


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