1) Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi to your amazing team! Thank you for having us!  We had a really refreshing   break during the holidays and now we’re back in the studio rehearsing with Angel D (drums) and Giulio (bass) . The bands focus is to work on our material again and prepare for a bunch of shows,  new songs are on the current agenda also. We ‘re obsessing over  our new sounds we ‘re hearing in our heads and we’ re trying to translate them onto our instruments! It’s a really exciting and creative time!

2) Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨Desire¨?

Desire is a song that goes quite a while back and I think it originally started out as an enigmatic ,dark ballad on an acoustic guitar. During the preproduction of the song we decided to work the composition up into a big bombastic rock song to create a very   powerful audio impact. Lyrically the main theme touches upon the loss of the main character’s identity due to   his twisted attachment to the material world , so we wanted to make a dynamic statement to better express the  content . From a sonic perspective   I think we captured an amazing sound working with Cornfield on this one. It was the first track we laid down and there is a rawness to the sound we  ‘re all really happy with.

3) Did any event in particular inspire the song?

I think the core experience behind the song was a  personal one that occurred quite some time ago. I had all the aspirations a lower middle class person has and was living up to these preconditioned expectations quite well,   but there was something terribly wrong in the whole thing. There was something missing and this ‘absence’ was becoming unbearable. It dawned on me that being attached to material stuff to feel worthy and to ‘have in order to be’ was totally messed up. The lyrics were born from the sense of imprisonment in this fake materialistic identity.  I guess it’s autobiographical to a certain extent. Also my fascination with the idea of happiness and the way our culture suggests we reach it became pivotal ideas behind the lyrics.

4) The single comes off your new album Realize – what´s the story behind the title?

On one level the name was the result of our attempt to find a   thread that runs through all the songs .  The main characters are experiencing   some profound existential   realizations about the world they live in . Their world is kind of like ours, it  has a very dark side that is in desperate need of  some kind of investigation and illumination. Any ray of light or hope at this point in the songs is comes from the the characters inner strength . It also comes from their ability to connect with something real within  themselves and finally find the courage to embrace their inner and outer realities .

On a second more simplistic  level ‘Realize’ is used to  celebrate the successful completion of this body of work with the amazing people involved in the project!  We ‘ve had such an awesome time writing , rehearsing and recording the material.

5) How was the recording and writing process?

For the first three tracks I had written the music and words , made basic arrangement sketches for the songs before sending  them over to the guys. We then went into the studio and had the freedom to work out what sounded   good  in a live environment and went back to preproduction  mode to tweak the songs. The last track on the EP, ’The Miracle’ was written and produced entirely by us.

The recording process was completed within the period of   nine to ten months. We had to work round Paul Corkett and John Cornfields heavy weight recording schedules. Initially our management contacted Paul and arranged a meeting  in Bath to discuss the details about recording ‘Your Darker Side’. Again we ‘re huge fans of his work with Nick Cave, Placebo, The Cure and Bjork  and meeting him in person was such an amazing moment. It was just before Christmas that we booked Modern World Studios in Tetbury and locked ourselves away to record.

6) What was it like to work with John Cornfield and how did that relationship develop?

We always wanted to work with John Cornfield because we just loved the sounds he managed to capture on all the classic albums he was involved in, especially the sound he produced with Muse on their early stuff.  Our manager at the time contacted him , explained  the situation and sent over a couple of songs we  had pre produced. We got a positive reply from him very quickly and just couldn’t believe it. Having one of our  all star producers give us  a thumbs up was such a huge joy and honor. We booked a week with him and went down to  Cornwall to work in his home studio as he informed  us that Sawmills Studios ,the main studio he worked in for his entire career wasn’t  available. Meeting him in person was an amazing experience, he’s such a humble and welcoming  person and you ‘d never think he was one of the world’s top rock producers. John works very fast and knows exactly how to get the sounds he wants  which was mind blowing for us to observe.

7) How much did he get to influence the album?

We had a very clear vision of the final product as we  ‘d worked out so much in the preproduction phase. There wasn’t any alterations made to  parts , structures and melody lines apart from some very few exceptions. What did happen was both producers helped us a   great deal in deciding what sections to choose when we couldn’t make our minds up. Of course their major contribution   was getting the best possible performances out of us and making all the aesthetic decisions on textures, layering and sound in the engineering, mixing and mastering stages.

8) Any plans to hit the road?

We ‘ve so many plans for the near future one obviously being to get on the road and tour the U.K. All the doors are open, we ‘re currently booking gigs in London and slots at summer U.K and European Festivals.

9) What else is happening next in Paradigm´s world?

Apart from playing live we ‘re really focusing on writing as much as possible. We ‘ve set a goal of writing 150 songs this year and record the best 10 or 12 for on our next album. Our  focus as a band is split between performing top notch gigs and writing as much as possible. Thanks again for your time, you’ re all invited to our shows!


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