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Hi Brett, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?: Hi, thanks for having me back! I’ve been great. Kalimur has just been on the grind, playing a ton of shows and promoting the new album. It’s been a busy and very exciting few months.

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨Redemption¨?: “Redemption” is a song about building up something with someone you love and then seeing it fall apart. The blame gets thrown around until it’s ambiguous who was right and who was wrong. Ultimately, the two people come to a crossroads where they either recognize that they can fix the wrongs they both have done or continue to hurt each other.

Did any event in particular inspire the song?: This song was written as an observational piece where I saw first hand a relationship go through problems and then ultimately resolve itself. I looked into the mind of one of the people in the relationship and what he must have thought at different points during the conflict. As the song progresses, so does his honesty regarding the more complex way in which he looks at his partner. At first he’s just angry towards her, but slowly he comes to understand where she’s coming from.

Why naming the album after this track in particular?: The idea of redemption can be traced in every song in one way or another. It’s the notion that through any darkness or defeat, there is always room to stand back up and do it better and wiser the second time. Although we might have been able to do better the first time, doesn’t mean that our opportunity for success, fulfillment, love, reconciliation, etc. cannot still be achieved. There’s no time like now.

How was the recording and writing process?: It was really a time for growth for all of us as songwriters and just creatives in general. We pushed ourselves to write the best songs possible with lyrics that really resonated with us just as much as the melodies. The recording process was for about a month of intense sessions (we would average around 10 hours per day recording) and included a lot of experimentation, but also times in which we made sure to not overproduce. We wanted to expand the production of the songs only when we felt the song called for it, for other parts we wanted to keep raw.

What role would you say The Fray and Coldplay play in your music?: A huge one. I think any of the influences that got me really inspired to create are ones that have been huge in guiding me as an artist. Still, everything we create comes from a place of trying to make something new and different. We all bring so many influences and inspirations to the table that blend together into something unique. It’s like a mosaic of influences culminating in something you’ve never quite heard before.

Any plans to hit the road?: Yes! Keep an eye out for dates (http://www.kalimurband.com/tour) in the spring and especially in the summer. We are planning a summer tour as we speak.

What else is happening next in Kalimur´s world?: Besides our album release on January 25th via iTunes/Spotify/Apple Music/etc., which we are extremely excited about, we are playing a headlining show January 29th. After that, we’ll be doing a run of shows throughout the winter and then a summer tour. We’ve got some videos in the works as well, so there will be plenty of stuff happening for the foreseeable future.

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