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Bitter's Kiss

INTERVIEW: Bitter’s Kiss

For Chloe Baker of Bitter’s Kiss, music is nothing short of a passionate journey that has started at a very young age., Now with her self-titled release, Chloe is on a mission to share part of that emotionally charged journey with you. Watch here.

RYAN: Band names are one of the toughest decisions a musician has to make. How did the name Bitter’s Kiss come about?

CHLOE: Bitter’s Kiss was a name I came up with to describe the songs I was posting on SoundCloud shortly after recording them.  I thought it fit what I was trying to convey in my music as speaks to the fact that there’s something good or sweet even in things that are melancholic.  As I wasn’t sure whether my project would evolve into a band or solo project, I wanted a project name which has now stuck.

RYAN: Your music is beautiful and dark, but with a sense of hope to it. How would you describe your music to anyone that has not heard it yet?

CHLOE: I have been using ‘melancholic indie pop’ as a way to describe it.  I try to write music that catches people’s attention enough to understand the message in it, sometimes without realizing it.

RYAN: Your sound is an eclectic one. It has moments of Jazz, pop, folk and other genres mixed in. Who inspires you to create this sort of music?

CHLOE: I grew up listening to all kinds of music as my parents had very eclectic tastes and don’t go for any particular style when I write.  This will become more apparent with my upcoming releases.  I like the music to fit the lyrics and feelings in what I’m writing.  Even now I’ll go from listening to rap to alt pop to classic rock, so all these influences inform the way I write.

RYAN:  The song The Rope is my favorite track off the album. It is emotionally driven, masterfully produced and has all the markings of a song set to move a lot of people, because it moved me. Do you have any favorite tracks on the album, and why?

CHLOE: My favorite song on the album is Love Won’t Make You Cry.  I feel like people really connect with it and that it’s an interesting way to approach a definition of love by looking at all the things it isn’t.  The Rope was a great release of a lot of things I was feeling at the time and a way to explore my thoughts and feelings around a difficult subject that comes up too often among people my age.  In some ways, it’s a very close second favorite.

RYAN: Can you take us through your song writing process?

CHLOE:I free write all the time and have been told that I sing too much (always singing), so always have words and melodies floating around my head.  As lyrics come, I’ll sing melodies to them in my head and often put pieces together to form songs.  Once I have lyrics and melodies, I’ll start adding other layers.

RYAN: The album is effective in making every instrument a star player. How many instruments do you play yourself?

CHLOE: I play piano and guitar, and mostly write on the piano.

RYAN: Most albums have a theme that run through them. What is the theme that runs through your current self-titled album?

CHLOE: It’s okay to be sad, angry, disappointed, depressed, etc.  We all experience those feelings, but can find ways to be hopeful and happy despite them.

RYAN: A lot of musicians have to juggle their music and their career until one success outweighs the other. Are you juggling multiple careers, or is music your full time gig?

CHLOE: I’m in school, in a performing arts program, which lines up well with my music.  I also play competitive soccer and travel a lot for that.  I find that being busy has been helpful so far, but will ultimately have to make some decisions and music is my priority.  The great thing about songwriting is that I can do it anywhere.  My phone is full of lyrics and free writes!

RYAN: Do you have any advice to offer any musicians looking to one day make their own album?

CHLOE: Don’t wait to start recording.  I was fortunate to have a home studio set up, but it’s not hard to get a simple set up.  Write and record and learn what works and what doesn’t.

RYAN: Are there any musicians that you would like to work with in the future if given the chance?

CHLOE: That would be a very long list!  It would include a range of artists from Kendrick Lamar to Carole King.

RYAN: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Is there any news from the Bitter’s Kiss camp that you want your fans to know?

CHLOE: I have two new videos out for Love Won’t Make You Cry and No One Will.  I have an EDM single out (Lost & Found with Redondo and Bolier) which has been doing well.  Otherwise I am finalizing an EP for release soon and will be doing shows in L.A., Toronto and close to home soon.

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