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CD REVIEW: Dawn to Dush by Jim Wellman

Hailing from East SussexEngland, comes the intoxicatingly smooth sound of Jim Wellman on his funk-infused, disco defined, and beautifully jazzed album titled Dawn To Dusk. Genre bending in music is becoming more and more prominent as musicians strive to bring something unique to the table, and for Jim Wellman, he successfully finds his unique place among the creative crowd.

Opening with the lucid track titled Lucy was a smart move to make as it is a great representation of the journey the album intends to take us on. The female vocals are glamorous and silky smooth, the backing track is something Jamiroquai would approve of, and the song has a very upbeat pace to it. Already the album has a single-worthy track.

Lewontin Campbell slows the pace down to almost a crawl compared to the happy pace of Lucy. The song itself is well mixed, well planned out and the male vocals provided are soft, low and appropriate for this subdued track.

Probably Good is the current lead single and deserves the top spot considering the lyrical content, the very welcoming sound, and the way it all just makes you feel like you are hearing something special. Listening to this track on a high end pair of AKG’s reveals layers upon layers of masterfully produced instruments. A great song for anyone looking to start their day with some deep thinking along with a desire for a catchy beat.

Moving through the album you can tell that music is what Jim Wellman was meant to do. Every moment, every beat, every instrument, and all the vocals are right where they are supposed to be. The mixing and sound production are at the top level throughout the entire impressive album, and the artists chosen to fill out these songs were exactly the right ones.

The album may have very lighthearted sounding songs, but make no mistake that there is a serious and deep message woven throughout the entire album. This in itself can make for an interesting listening experience the second time through, and even depending at the level you listen to the music. On a lower volume you might just bob your head and tap your foot, or even straight out dance in your kitchen while you make breakfast, because you are not focused on the heavy lyrical content. Then there is the other side of the spectrum, the serious side of the album which is found in the highly political lyrics that can drive the point home in sometimes uncomfortable ways, and if you focus on listening to the lyrics you will be impressed at the juxtaposition between happy musical composition and dark lyrical content. This is not to say that the album is a downer in any way, because it is not, it just happens to be a bit more demanding in the content department than a lot of other albums currently being pushed out.


Written By: Ryan Donnelly

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