INTERVIEW: Ian Bamberger Trio

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track “Satisfied”?

“Satisfied” is a song that was created by accident. Back in May 2015, a friend who was looking for someone to write/produce a promotional song for a wine company approached me. I emphatically jumped at the opportunity and said yes! The only catch was the project had to be completed in no more than two weeks. After the conversation with my friend, I put together a few verses that tapped into the company’s marketing plan including a catchy chorus that melodically revealed the drink’s ability to be consumed anywhere, anytime.

Eventually, I was informed that the commercial my song was supposed to play behind was cancelled. Fortunately, there is a silver lining to the story. Upon receiving the bad news I was even more motivated to hit the studio and record a full-length album. I removed the original vocal tracks and replaced them with some hard-hitting rock n’ roll lyrics thus creating the song “Satisfied”.

Did any event in particular inspire the song?

Absolutely, as an aspiring musician I am always writing new melodies, lyrics, and songs. Following the wine company debacle I decided to turn this would-be jingle into a full blown rock song, and hit the studio with my latest material to record an album that would be called Satisfied. The song’s name and lyrical content are expressed through symbolic imagery and adrenaline filled guitar.

Another inspiration for the song came from an older lady who I taught to row about two years ago (I am also a rowing coach in NJ). This woman is depicted by the lyrical character “Annie” in the song, who is mentioned in the beginning of the second verse: “working with my hands, working with my mind, working with Annie, and working overtime.” After a few lessons with Annie, I learned quite a bit about her life story. She was a child of the 60s, fought for civil rights, attended Woodstock, and had experimented with her fair share of vices.

“Satisfied’s” bridge is a musical crescendo and an ode to Annie’s life; “she’s preaching wine, she’s preaching the cup, she’s preaching smoke, can’t give it up, she’s preaching power deep in the sky, ain’t one thing pretty girl ain’t tried.”Her story and persona were beautiful. I knew her for one week and never talked to her again, but her story fit the attitude of my song.

Why naming the album after this track in particular?

There are several reasons for naming the album “Satisfied”. First, is the song’s musical attitude. From start to finish the track never lets up. It’s a rock anthem that is reminiscent of the golden era of rock. Loud guitar, gut wrenching vocals, powerful drums, and tight bass lines, the song is a prime example of the energy that the Ian Bamberger Trio brings into the studio and on stage.

Another reason for naming the album after the song is simply the name. I have previously released two EPs, with five songs each. Satisfiedis a ten-song album that showcases my songwriting, guitar playing, vocal agility, and most importantly the dynamic within the band.

The entire album was recorded in three days with several songs being tracked in one take. To be able to get in the studio, plug in, track the songs live, and finish with a powerful product is truly satisfying.

How was the recording and writing process? Where do you find inspiration?

The recording and writing process was unique considering the instrumental tracks were already tracked for “Satisfied”. However, going back into the studio, moving around some guitar parts, and laying down some new vocals was an extremely exciting experience.

Prior to recording the vocals I had been taking some vocal lessons and had been practicing my falsetto. “Satisfied” was the first song I ever recorded where I tracked several layers of vocals. As the song enters the bridge and explodes into the last chorus you can hear my falsetto over the booming lower vocal tracks.

For the rest of the songs on the album the recording process was exciting but hard work. The band and I wanted to create a sound that fans could identify with and yet find unique. The album contains funk, punk, rock ballads, Southern rock, and even some indie elements. Even with the diverse array of rock sub-genres, the album never ceases to capture the listener’s attention.

The writing process delved into everyone’s personality within the band. Songs like “Love Roulette” and “My Champagne” tell stories of gambling, romance, drinking, and lack of self-control. Meanwhile songs like “Faster” and “Dance to the Music” delve into being self-confident and finding a partner to take on the world with.

Any plans to hit the road?

As the frontman, songwriter, guitar player, and leader of the band I am also responsible for booking the shows. The past two years have been spent building a following in and around the tri-state area, primarily playing gigs in Asbury Park (my hometown), New Brunswick (home to my alma mater), and New York City.

I am currently in the process of booking a tour through the Northeast this June. Following the release of our album Satisfied in April, the band and I intend to bring our live performance to Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, and several college towns along the way.

What else is happening next in Ian Bamberger Trio’s world?

There is always a plethora of things happening within the band. Recently we finished up a three-month residency at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network TV station. The residency gave the band an opportunity to hone our craft in front of the camera and play music to an audience that we have never reached before.

The Asbury Park music scene recently acknowledge the band by nominating us as the Top Pop/Rock Band, for the top music video for our recent single, “Love Roulette”, and lastly as the Top Male Solo/Acoustic Act.

Lastly, the entire band is attending higher education. The drummer Bill is receiving his Ph.D. in education, the bassist Adam is studying for his master’s in accounting, and I am studying for my master’s in music business at New York University.


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