INTERVIEW: Amplify The Anthems (@amplify_anthems)

Hi Adam, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We’ve been good! Amplify The Anthems are getting more and more signs ups everyday, and the quality of music has blown us away!

So how did you come up with the idea for Amplify the Anthem?

Growing up scouring Youtube, Facebook, Myspace & Soundcloud for undiscovered music was a fairly easy task as the new tech giants were in their infancy phases. But as user rates boomed over the years it was becoming more and more of a strenuous task. Having been exposed to an array of musicians from a young age and as I became more involved with unsigned musicians at University, it was apparent that there were and still is an abundance of unbelievably talented musicians who simply aren’t being heard by their target audiences. Instead they’re being lost in the overwhelming amount of videos on Youtube and samples/users on Soundcloud. So I thought to myself ‘why not create a platform purely for unsigned musicians to share their music videos whilst being able to sell the tracks on the video, promote themselves and create an unsigned and independent musicians chart’. The idea came to me in my final semester at Northumbria University, so from that point on my thoughts went into overload, constantly trying to figure out the best way to build the platform and offer the services that musicians need. After a few sleepless nights (mostly down to excitement and thoughts rushing through my head every time I closed my eyes, having to write them down on my iPhone notes) things slowly came together and I came up with the core functionalities for the platform.

 Were you any worried about the competition out there or you guys didn’t had any of that in mind at the time of starting this?

We aren’t worried as we offer a completely different service to other competitions out there. There aren’t any UK & Ireland based online competitions, only American based e.g. or worldwide ones. With the competition aspect of the site we wanted to make something that was unique, organic, for the musicians, original and easy to use for all. To our knowledge, we don’t know of any online competitions that are purely designed for the UK & Ireland.

What sets you apart from all the other websites out there in the market?

Our competition is purely organic. The fact that musicians are successful as a result of the amount of views, likes and downloads their song receives creates a chart that isn’t bias in anyway. There is no ‘paid for votes’, thus, the most liked/talented artists will be the most successful. What’s more, artists have the ability to earn from the competition as at least 80% of the money received from the downloads goes directly back to the artist each month. Once artists have to pay to upload to our competition (at the moment it’s completely free so sign up now!!!), they only have to sell as little as 7 tracks at £1 to earn more than the competition fee (£5). This is another factor that sets us apart from other websites/competitions, we are extremely cheap and affordable. No hidden costs, only positive possibilities. Our competition isn’t the only service we offer either. Musicians can use our platform to sell their music, promote gigs, communicate with fans and also be involved in our charts. They can compare their success against other artists both locally and nationally. Our UK wide gig calendar allows artists on our website to inform fans when and where they will be playing. We also have a search & discover featured ad space where any musician can sell musical equipment, tutors can offer their services and session musicians/band members can find replacement or temporary spots.

In some way you folks are like an “only indie” version of Billboard or you are aiming to become something more than just a Billboard chart?

Our main aim is to become an official regulated chart for unsigned and independent musicians in the UK & Ireland. We do have features which are similar to Billboard, however they’re more simply put, just a chart. We strive to be the one stop shop for all musical needs. For too long unsigned and independent musicians haven’t been able to measure their success because they are not ’signed’. But what if a musician doesn’t want to be signed, they play and create music because it’s their passion, and they don’t want a label to control their destiny. Or a musician does want to be signed, but they’re finding it hard to be heard. We provide the intermediary between signed and unsigned, as A&R agents use our platform to scout new talent. That’s where we stand. A platform for all and any unsigned/independent musicians, whatever their desire and destiny.

Tell us more about this competitions – how do all that works?

Artists who are yet to feature on the website can upload an anthem at any time. On the 1st of every month, each artist who is already signed on can upload an additional anthem to our website. We try to push artists to upload a video, however mp3 files and a cover image are also accepted. As of their upload, they will be entered into the regional chart that they specify. The amount of views, likes and downloads tracks receive help create a regional and national chart. Each week the chart is refreshed so there are no disadvantages from entering the competition now, even though its on its 5th week. As of May, we will ask the most successful artists from each region to perform at our regional gigs taking place across the UK and Ireland, in June & July. All the artists who perform at the regional gigs qualify to perform at our national event which will take place towards the end of Summer. On this day, the anthem quest will have found the top 3 most loved unsigned and independent artists. The top performing artist calculated that day will receive 5 days recorded studio time, cash prizes, support packages and more.

I understand you are running a competition now – how can people participate?

Simply upload an anthem, then its up to the artists to hype and amplify their anthems. Their Beats Per Anthem (BPA) score depends on views, likes and downloads from our website. So,  in order to have the best chance of winning they must ask their fans to go view their tracks on

This is totally free or you guys have some sort of a premium deal?

For the time being it is free. However, this is for a limited time only. As we’re a brand new company, we would like to offer musicians the chance to sign up for free whilst we grow and grow. So yes, for now it is free!

What else is happening next in Amplify The Anthems’ world?

We also have our clothing line Amplify Apparel. We have some big things planned for Amplify The Anthems but you’ll have to wait and see! We want to help unsigned and independent musicians as much as possible so we are trying to create services that are premium, competitively priced, and give as much back to artists as possible. So make sure to sign up now whilst it’s free  🙂

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