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INTERVIEW: Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We’re great, thank you! 🙂

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨Tulugaq¨?

That particular song was written together with two 12 year old twin girls from a children’s home in Uummannaq, north greenland. Heidinnguaq and Miannguaq Jensen wrote part of the melody and text with me. The song was also recorded in the music room of the children’s home and every instrument was played by Charles Shapiro. I was just gonna write a song for fun with the girls but we all liked it so much in the end that we ended up putting on the record. 

Did any event in particular inspire the song?

We were sort of playing a game of passing the guitar around and finding chords and lyrics in turn. It was sort of a windy day and lots of ravens where flying about and we went with the theme of being a raven. all the kids singing in the end of the song are all kids from the same home. Because of the kids enthusiasm it was a pretty effortless song to write. 

The single comes off your new album Feet First – what´s the story behind the title?

Feet first is a line from one of the songs in the album “slip”. This album was recorded over a span of almost 4 years all over the place. I like to record new song relatively quickly after I write them, there seems to be something more immediate about new, I guess “fresh” songs. That means that sometimes we just jump into a recording studio without necessarly being fully prepared, and that’s what I mean with “feet first” my head will follow. It is like that with many things that we do. I think it’s important to b brave enough to do what you really want to do, so sometimes you have to jump in – feet first. 

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording process of this album was pretty long and unconventional – we did the same for the first album too. I think we have at least two sometimes three versions of each song in the album, the process is pretty much trial and error until we are all satisfied. I write the songs and try to explain the feel of the song the best I can to the musicians i’m recording with at the time. whether thats Howe Gelb and our Tucson friends, Tom Pintens and the rest of the Belgian members or  usually Jan De Vroede and Charles Shapiro. Jan and Charlie (as constant members/collaborators) are good at further explaining to the other musicians how to drive the “feeling” I want in a song. they also come up with a lot of instrumentations. Jan almost always ends up with the final arrangement, editing where the parts come in and out, which is a huge job because we always have a million takes of different instruments sometimes. 

Having traveled around pretty much the whole US and Greenland – how has all these cultures and experiences get to influence the album?

All the travels are the album and all the songs are the experiences.  I am convinced that you can hear the climate in a recording of a song. Rythms are different in the heat than in the cold and on top of it all we get to meet and play with incredible musicians from so many places, and they of course leave their mark.  I think thats the most influential part, the people you are with and getting to record with them on their own turf. people tend to feel as they have more control when they are comfortable in there own space. Their ideas seem more rooted and you understand faster where they are coming from when you are surrounded by where they are from. Haha

What other life experiences inspired you to write the songs and lyrics on this material?

That question is a hard one because I dont compartmentalize my experiences. The travel, the relationships, the time with friends and family is all one in the same. when I say relationships I don’t particularly mean  romantic ones either. Relationships with everyone I meet, have met, will meet, and currently know and love affect me all the same. I guess what i’m saying is, there is no “other” experiences that inspire me to write. I write about all the ones I have and want to eventually have. So Ill keep traveling until I have them all. HaHa

Any plans to hit the road?

Yep! Start very soon in February with a German, Switzerland, and Austria tour. Also, so far I plan to hit most of Europe, Scandinavia, Japan and of course Greenland, But for now these are the dates.

21.02.2016 DE – Münster – Pension Schmidt

22.02.2016 DE – Hamburg – Kleiner Donner

23.02.2016 DE – Erlangen – Kulturzentrum E-Werk

24.02.2016 DE – Halle – OBJEKT 5

25.02.2016 DE – Frankfurt – DAS BETT

26.02.2016 DE – Haldern – Haldern Pop Bar

27.02.2016 DE – Minden – Kulturzentrum BÜZ

28.02.2016 DE – Dresden – Dreikönigskirche

01.03.2016 AT – Wien – fluc + fluc wanne

02.03.2016 DE – Konstanz – Kula Konstanz

03.03.2016 CH – Winterthur – Kraftfeld

04.03.2016 CH – Bern – Café Kairo

What else is happening next in Nive & The Deer Children´s world?

Not sure and thats the way we like it. The only plan is to keep doing what we love with the people we love, Travel, play our songs, meet new friends and then do it all again.

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