Hi, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey, thanks! I’ve been alright, can’t complain

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨Red¨?

From what I remember, the main guitar riff of Red came from an attempt at the most extreme, obnoxious guitar chain I could come up with (in the software I use, Cubase). It was paired with a drum loop (which ended up in the final version) and a counter-melody played on piano that adds a cool contrast that I’m still so excited about.

It was originally just the intro and verse and I kept the track as a demo for almost 2 years and eventually revisited the structure and added vocals.

Did any event in particular inspire the song?

Around the time I wrote the lyrics, I was reflecting on a failed relationship and I think that inevitably bled into the song. Generally the song highlights the recognition of something very pure compared to other superficial experiences, but having to eventually move on and avoid questioning/trying to understand the circumstances.

The single comes off your new EP Another Piece of Cake – what´s the story behind the title?

The name is connected to the first EP, Piece Of Cake. It was literally inspired by a piece of cake that was in the room while me and some past members hit a wall while trying to decide what to name the EP. While it’s slightly nonsensical, we found some connection in sarcastically stating that making it was a “piece of cake” (when in reality was the exact opposite)

So would this be a follow up to your previous EP?

Yes, I look at it as sort of a continuation. All songs from both EP’s stem from the same batch of demos, and would have ended up on the same release. I would have loved to release a full length, but that would have only happened if we were still in 2006 hah.

How was the recording and writing process?

It was definitely a challenge due to a lot of indecision. Between choosing the best tracks, arrangements of those tracks, and producers, and parting ways with my manager. In some ways, having lots of time was an advantage, but also made for a lot of over analyzing. I thought it was important to use the demos that were still exciting from almost 4 years ago, they are some of the first songs that made me personally recognize and rework them in the most effective way.

What was it like to work with Drew Fulk, Rob Freeman and Matt Good? How did those relationships develop?

It was nice having another perspective on tracks that I’ve heard probably thousands of times. I worked on some production and mostly vocals with Drew and Rob, separately, and had 2 of the tracks mixed by Matt. It was my first time working with Drew and Matt, but I have known and worked with Rob a few times before.

Why entering the studio with these three gentlemen?

Deciding who to work with on this project was a challenge and we tried to pick based on who was passionate about certain song(s). Matt was suggested to mix by my manager at the time.

How much did they get to influence the album?

Alot of the work we did together was in the post process, so we focused mostly on fine tuning what was already there.

Do you take a different approach when you are producing for someone else than when you are writing or producing for your own music?

It depends on the situation, but lately I find the two blending more often and feeling almost no different. I think in both my own, and others’ music, I’m trying to hopefully add something worthwhile to the listening experience, especially considering the fact that it’s more and more obvious that people are having trouble coming up with fresh unique ideas or approaches.

At first, this project felt like a reaction to what I felt was generally lacking in music I had produced, and music I was discovering and listening to. Now I’m taking what I’ve found to be the most exciting about my music, and trying to put it back into what I’m producing for others.

Any plans to hit the road?

None at the moment, but hopefully this summer!

What else is happening next in BeAware´s world?

I have lots of new material I intend on releasing as soon as possible. The current EP was delayed for a few reasons, but I’ve continued writing and recording new songs throughout the process. Aside from original material, I’ve also been planning an EP of cover songs for the near future.

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