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Can you tell us more about the story behind your track / video ¨Strung Out¨?

I witnessed a lot of people close to me struggle with many forms of addiction, and I think overall it’s from those personal accounts where I found the inspiration for the song. The song isn’t necessarily about love, but being a victim of true addiction and how it can make one worship false idols. In the song’s most basic form, it’s really supposed to make the listener feel as if they’re having a trip of sorts, at least that’s what we tried to do with the arrangement.

The inspiration for the video came from the amazingly talented Alex Pines and actress Lara Hemmingway. They tried to really depict the feeling that washes over you when you listen to the song, and the different emotions that can come up within the listener. The visual is portraying “the trip”, the feeling of true devotion to someone or something.

Did any event in particular inspire the song?

It was more of a moment of catharsis within myself than a particular event. I’ve seen a lot of people devote themselves to false idols. We’re all just at that period in our life.

How was the film experience?

Alex, Lara, and our Bassist Kevin Clymer were actually the only people present for the video. The rest of us wanted to step out of the way and let Alex have creative control over it. We brought her in for her creative brilliance and did not want to suffocate it.

The single comes off your new EP Fever – what´s the story behind the title? 

I feel like the songs came from a place of sickness. And it’s like the culmination of the whole thing; “the fever” symbolizes the breaking point, and also the promise of getting better. It also pays a little respect to our Producer, Chris Ruggeiro’s old band The Fever, which was around in the early 2000’s playing the same NYC club scene as the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. I just liked the idea of the EP title having this dual meaning for the band and our team.

How was the recording and writing process?

Every member of the band had a major influence on the direction, sound, and thematic element of each song on this record. A lot of credit goes to our producer Chris Ruggiero, and recording engineer Greg Giorgio, in the way they helped shape the record from beginning to end, and ultimately helped us discover the sound we always wanted to make. I always bring the band bits and pieces of songs, or even sometimes fully written tracks.  Regardless, we rip them apart and build them back up resulting in a complete different finished product.

What was it like to work with Chris Ruggiero and Greg Giorgio for a second time?

It’s always an amazing experience. They’re really the dream team for us. There is just an overall chemistry between them and our band, which really leads to the magic that happens in the studio. I think at this point it wouldn’t be a Ula Ruth record without them.

How much did they get to influence the album?

Chris really influenced the arrangements and overall writing of the record, constantly challenging us to grow and take huge risks for us (there’s children voices in the chorus of one of the songs), whereas Greg really influenced the overall sound of the record, engineering and mixing the record to feel enormous.   

Did the Victorian style of the studio influence you in any way?

I think it was less the Victorian style of the studio, and more of the spiritual presence of apparitions from a Victorian time period. There definitely was an overwhelming ghostly presence during the recording sessions, but it was more of a helping hand.

Any plans to hit the road?

We headline the Mercury Lounge on Thursday Jan 14th with our good friends, The Rally, and then as we begin to roll out this next musical effort, Fever, we’ll get back on the road hopefully to SXSW and other upcoming festivals to continue to promote the new EP.

What else is happening next in Ula Ruth´s world?

We will continually be releasing new tracks and visuals from the new EP, and begin to tour in support of the new record in early 2016. As of now we’re just super focused on rolling out this new musical direction and re-introducing ourselves and our sound to the world.

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