The incredibly honest and haunting single Begging You Please is a beautiful testament to the power of a song that dares to dig deep emotionally. For many musicians it is about the glory of the success, while others, song creation is a cathartic decision to help move through some tougher times. For ViseMènn, it would seem that honesty and integrity is their main agenda, and for that reason alone I wanted to interview them.

RYAN: Band names are always difficult to come up with, or rather they are easy to come up with but hard to settle on. How did you come up with the name ViseMènn?

Helge: Quite frankly the name came to existence in a more humoristically light and has since grown to represent the seriousness, light heartedness, mysticism, honesty and bravery that we are starting to associate with those throughout the times dedicated to the art of seeking wisdom. As with most of our music the name seems to have had a life of it’s own and we are starting to see the potential in viewing life itself as a living organism rather than a static entity that exists within the frames of our own definition.

RYAN: What is the story behind how the band came together?

Helge: Our paths met through the improvised experimental jam project “a Crack in Time and the Break of Dawn”. We had all trodden each our valleys and swamps and blissful heights with music as our companion. Willing circumstances and adjoining resonances led to the current state of collective effort.

RYAN: The song writing process is different for everyone, can you take us through your own process of creating a song?

Helge: It usually starts with a basic idea or sketch presented by Helge. From there the song starts its own life and everyone is involved in the creative process. We don’t try to force it into a specific direction or style, but as a song matures so does our perspective and understanding of what it is and what it can become.

RYAN: Your sound has elements from a few different styles, and in an era where genre bending is the norm, how would you describe your sound to someone that has not heard your music?

Helge: We don’t really know who we are, but sometimes how we feel, and freedom must really have a taste of it.

RYAN: Everyone needs a muse, who does the band find as an inspiration in regards to your fellow musicians?

Helge: So sorry Ryan, we can not reveal our sources.

RYAN: The current single Begging You Please is an emotional and subdued track, is this a solid example of where the band is heading with their sound, or can we expect some other styles to take the forefront on future releases?

Helge: We can totally identify with the Begging You Please sound, but totally don’t want to be defined by it. We probably will never be a blues band, but then again what was the blues again?

RYAN: The Soundcloud/Rdio revolution is here, how does the band feel about music streaming and the decline of the physical product market?

Helge: The streaming revolution has definitively made it easier for independent artists to distribute music. The profit makers should make an effort to share the revenue fairly and in a way that, for the sake of art, makes it possible also for smaller, less commercialized artists to exist. The current uprise of vinyl challenges the reality of digital sovereignty.

RYAN: Do you have any advice you would like to share with other independent musicians?

Helge: In the words of Iron Maiden: “If you’re gonna die, die with your boots on.”

RYAN: For some musicians touring is the end game, while for others it isn’t as important as focusing on social media. Where does ViseMènn fit into this category of thought?

Helge: We want to make whatever effort we can afford to creatively coexist. Real people still feels that way, it’s virtually not the same.

RYAN: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Is there anything happening in the ViseMènn camp that you would like your fans to know?

Helge: Yes, indeed! We are planning a Europe tour this summer, we are making preparations for studio work in early 2016 to put the final touches on an album and we have another music video in the googles. We’ll make every effort to keep you online!

Thank you very much Ryan for lightening our hearts with this interview!!

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