INTERVIEW: Books and Giraffes

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Sebastian: Very well, thanks, a little tired from last night show, happy to be in this interview with you.

Carlos: Fine, thanks.

Uriel B.: Fine, very good.

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨No¨?

S: Sure, anyone wants to tell anything about the song?

C: It’s a story of Sebastian, the lover, it’s about a moment when you’re “enculado”, no, there’s no translation for that, well, in love and you only think about that person till the point of causing trouble in your head, sort of speak. Meaning it’s in your mind.

U: The song “No” is also a significance of love, like, what’s good and what’s bad, what you want, what you get and what sometimes you can’t get. There’s a part that I like: “no dejo de pensarte en la imaginacion….. no, no te alejes de mi… te quiero aqui…”, so it’s like things very… can’t say mellow or intense feelings, put into our songs, in this song in particular and for me people can assimilate it to introduce it into their life soundtrack or the soundtrack of a girl or a loving person.

S: Yes. More-over, the song…. The lyrics were written as an invitation, as a passionate or passion, don’t know how to say “with passion”, to a person, the lyrics were really intended to be sung to a person and tell her “te quiero aqui besandome con los ojos cerrados “ (I want you here kissing me with your eyes closed), cause in that moment I wanted to tell that to a person.

Did any event in particular inspire the song?

S: Well, well, yes, really the lyrics, some part of the lyrics were taken out of text messages, the chorus “te quiero aqui besandome con los ojos cerrados* and the pre-chorus, no, the verse “eres como una cancion perfecta” (you’re like a perfect song) were taken out of text messages.

C: Well, yes, I think we try…. Well, Sebastian tries to write lyrics out of experiences, so they feel alive or real.

S: Yes we don’t usually write about things that haven’t happened to us, well, me.

The single comes off your new album Todo Lo Que Importa – what´s the story behind the title?

S: That one, any one wants to take it?

U: “Todo lo que importa” is like….. for me also is like musically and emotionally the song takes you, each song takes you like on a musical trip, “Todo lo que importa” is like all that matters to you and through this record experience what’s love, what animosity is like, what adventure is like, what sadness is like, happiness, it´s all that matters as a person or something that you want to put that importance or feeling to an object or a person.

C: Well, I feel like you can miss things like, I don’t know… money or something like that, but there are things that are all that matter, further than a car, or a coffee, there are things that are all that matter and that´s put into the record.

S: Yes, that’s a good explanation. In the end, love is all that matters. We try to do…. As far as lyrics is concern, that the record could be the story of love in general, that each song can be a little taste of what can happen in love, good or bad.

How was the recording and writing process?

S: Writing. Well, generally we write a base and arrange it with the band. It’s like a pre-production process. And then, in the studio we record what we have and record little things on the way, I don’t know, maybe some arrangements.

C: Little arrangements.

S: Or suddenly a shaker or something that fills the song… for example we added a contrabass in this song “No” and it was an improvised idea, but we had the chance to have my grandfather record contrabass for us.

C: Yes, a fluid and organic process.

S: Yes, we like to be in the studio. I like being in the studio.

What was it like to work with Daniel Atilano and how did that relationship develop?

U: Well, working with Daniel is very comfortable, the studio is very comfortable too, it’s located near a shopping mall, so the time we were there, that was it.

S: We´ve been there for a long time.

U: It’s been a long time, spent some days, hours there. It’s a very comfortable studio, its like very home like, sort of speak. It’s very, very good to be recording there, and Daniel to me is a very fun person, he’s committed to his work what he does and what he wants to project in the recording, he´s very good. He’s been a mediated voice in what we’re doing in our songs, he gives us guidance on how to take them in the right directon.

S: Yes, Daniel… we have a very good relationship with Daniel outside the studio, he’s a very flexible person in everything, time, opinions, he’s..

C: Very open.

S: Yes, very open to everything, he’s a very good person, very good friend.

How much did he get to influence the album?

S: How much did Daniel Atilano influence on the album? Well, in general the sound, the quality of the sound it all depends a hundred percent in Daniel, since he’s the one that…

C: Records us.

S: Records us and he also did the mix, so then… above all, he influenced on the quality of the sound, but also, for example the idea of trying to include contrabass in the recording was his idea, so he has influenced in some songs, besides we also like to ask for his opinion. The studio is a very open environment where we can experiment, obviously seeking for the best result…. Sound wise.

I can hear some Los Daniels and Bunkers in your music – do any of them play a role in your music?

S: Of Los Daniels? We’re not fans in fact.

U: On our repertoire no, cause we don’t play any song of them.

S:  In fact, I know very little of Los Daniels.

U: Our influence vary a lot, we have a huge influence of many bands, obviously because we’re a Mexican band in Spanish we can have some sort of similarity, but our intend is not getting close to that sound, but.

C: I think that we like them but they´re not an influence, meaning we like their music but our album is not influenced by them.

Mexico has in some way a particular rock scene – how have this scene have influence your music?

S: Hmmm…. we discussed that question the other day.

U: Like, to prepare the show, because we’ve lived the scene and we see a lot of bands. There’s a lot of gigs everywhere, there are a lot of good places, bad places, parties, and there are some bands we’ve seen that really don´t….. There are bands that have all the infrastructure of management and good equipment and there are bands that only want to go out. That influence in adapting us to where we are, what we want and how to go forth in Mexico. Adapt us where we are to play here, but really the scene in Mexico has a lot of gigs, there are a lot of places, but it’s like it’s not all restricted, but like…

S: It’s hard, say go up in the scene, like go up in level in places, cause you can start very easy, there’s always a place to play, if you want to play there’s always somewhere to play. You can go out on the street and start playing, go to any party of your friends or something. But, in general it has affected us in the way that we released an EP in English not long ago, we didn’t move it the way we wanted but we noticed there’s more acceptance to songs in Spanish for obvious reasons, because we’re an spanish speaking country, and I believe that’s the biggest impact we’ve had from the scene.

U: Go and adapt.

Any plans to hit the road?

S: We’d love to go on the road of course, but we’d like to finish covering the DF and Mexico circuit first, to later go into the ……

U: Rest of the country, expand, but yes, we want to and we’re thinking about it.

S: We actually have some invitations to play in Queretaro, Puebla. We have good friends in Puebla.

C: As things progress, I think there will be opportunity.

U: We’re decided to.

S: But definitely is something that we want to do in the short term.

What else is happening next in Books and Giraffes´ world?

S: What else is happening?

U: A lot of things.

S: Yes, yes, it’s not that easy I think, it’s like running a business, an enterprise, an organization above all, more than just doing the songs, composing  and arranging them. There’s the recording and you have to do a lot of things after. So, the world of Books and Giraffes is very busy at the moment, but we’re very excited of recording our songs.

C: There’s work to do.

S: Yes, yes.

U: And Books and Giraffes is not only Sebastian, Carlos and Balbuena and some drummer that could have been… in fact Books and Giraffes is like a group of people that have believed a lot in our project, believed in us, supported us. We’ve done a lot of things that other people that didn´t believe in us wouldn´t have, we’ve seen it. And it’s because of the ones that do believe that we’ve been able to do this, it’s teamwork, and I give infinitely thankful for making this a reality. Besides this is a dream, a personal achievement to be able to do this. Thanks to those persons and my friends that besides my friends they’ve become my family, my brothers, we spend a lot of time together, so it’s part of what we want as Books and Giraffes, go forward, this is to go up, we don’t want to get stuck, we want to go up.



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