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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Ace: Hey VENTS thanks for having us. We’ve been very well, working hard as usual. The Bakery way..

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨Until The Day¨?

Shack: It came from a studio session that I sat in on with ‘The Thirst’. They had wrapped up some finishing touches to something they were working on and then started playing me some instrumentals. That one jumped out at all of us, we knew with the right vocals this one would be a banger!! Lead singer from the band Mensah literally started humming chorus melodies and pretty much freestyled the hook. I sent it over to Ace and Dre and everyone was happy with it so we had to make sure we wrote some fire to compliment it.

Did any event in particular inspire the song?

Ace: I can’t put it down to any particular event but ultimately stems from an ethos we all share and embody which is to aim high and be all you can be. This song ultimately summarises that and reinforces it.

Dre: I guess there’s no particular event but can be linked to many. It’s about reaching for the stars in whatever it is that you do or are passionate about. We aim to project that in anything that we put our mind and time too.

What was it like to work with The Thirst and how did they come on board?

Ace: The Thirst are super talented and an absolute pleasure to work with. They are fantastic musicians and brilliant writers so that makes it easy to work with them. The Thirst have been going for a number of years and we have been fans from then. Locks Laser who is the drummer from the band is actually my older brother so has always been nice to get to bond we each other on that level.

The single comes off your new album Holla At A Baker – why naming the album after this track in particular?

Dre: The title for the album came at the end of the project, we didn’t know what we were going to call it initially. The name came from the fact that ‘Holla At A Baker’ was a strap line we had been using for a minute. It’s an introduction to the Bakery world which is what we intended to do with this recording. Introduce ourselves, initiate then infiltrate lol.

How was the recording and writing process?

Ace: It was great I really enjoyed it. We were in the studio for like 10 solid days from start to finish, that’s including recording and mixing. Pretty much 12 – 14 hour days too. What was good was that we normally work independently on stuff and come together and share ideas, that was all of us including our engineer in the same room at the same time. It definitely pushed me creatively. From having bars in my head to laying them down and also hearing what Shack and Dre got was dope! I’m proud of this project.

Dre: I love to hear production come to life. All my production is done at home using logic and I generally work in headphones or the speakers but they are kinda domestic ones. The ones in the studio are beasts, it’s the best feeling. Especially when Shack and Ace lay the vocals down, that’s next level. We worked long and hard thinking of an overall style and sound we wanted to put out. We went through all of our tracks and picked the best ones between us and everyone just got their heads down and started grinding. We were keen to introduce a narrative to the project to create an undertone that would embody the Bakery brand. We invited a friend of ours an actor called Edwin Flay to come and do small monologue piece. We sat down and wrote an intro and an outro. When that was recorded it literally sounded like a film extract. It put the project on another level.

Shack: I really enjoy it. It’s hard work though. Being a creative you generally work at your own pace, when you have deadlines and everything else happening at the same time you’re pushed but it brought the best out this time. What’s crazy is that me, Ace and Locks all have different processes for writing. Our brains work best in different ways. I like writing lyrics in my phone, preferably a Blackberry (I’m a relic I know), Ace does paper and Locks writes all his lyrics in his head, not a pen or paper in sight. Blows my mind everytime I see it. Again it’s nice just working together and seeing the tracks come alive, it’s the fun side of this industry.

Known for your very eclectic twist on hip hop – where did you find the inspiration for the songs on this record?

Ace: Lyrically the inspiration came from real life to be honest. I get so much inspiration from things that have happened things I’ve seen and watched. I’ve had quite a colourful lifestyle so if I sit down and think about stuff the inspiration just comes to me.

Dre: I’m an eclectic music fan, I listen to everything. I don’t really control the creative process I just vibe to different things. When something jumps out at me its like being struck by musical lightning. As soon as it hits me I have to make it or I can’t sleep properly. A lot of the initial raw ideas don’t sound anything like the end product, it’s even hard to imagine someone rapping over it but that makes me wanna do it even more. It makes us who we are ultimately.

Shack: Like Dre said we are fans of everything. We really just creatively soak it all up and when the inspiration jumps out its an amazing feeling. Musically I love The Carpenters, The Stylistics, Bob Marley, Tenor Saw pretty much everything so naturally what I produce will express that. I could get an idea from the wind blowing but I have to record it into my phone or i’ll forget it. This inspiration for this recording comes from everywhere.

I can hear some old 90s hip hop vibe into your music, especially Nas and Jay Z – do any of them play a role in your music?

Shack: I’m the biggest Jay Z fan but also hip hop in general. 90’s hip hop was a golden age and one that I fully indulged in. As artists they have written music that’s pushed boundaries and has stood the test of time so that’s always at the back of my mind when making music.

Ace: I grew up listening to Shack’s music when we were kids so I was introduced to hip hop early. We loved Biggie, Tupac, Nas Jay Z. Shack was really into Wu Tang too so we all were.

Dre: They are both remarkable groundbreaking artist and just watching what they have both achieved and done inspires us massively. We are big fans of them musically but also are inspired by the moves they have made in business and in other industries.

Not only musicians and producers, but you are also creative people – in what way does this facet influence your music?

Dre: It enables us to think on a more conceptual level which gives us the ability to broaden our ideas. There’s scope to introduce artistic elements like film and design mixed with fashion. Quite often though we have too many ideas and have to strip them back because as creatives it’s very easy to get carried away. Especially as independent artists lol.

Shack: What it does for me is it makes me say let’s do what we done with the music but on every creative platform there is. From film, to print, art, photography etc. I then create music with those things in mind. I love it but like Dre said it’s easy to get carried away plus there’s not enough hours in the day, I’ve counted them!!

Any plans to hit the road?

Ace: Definitely in the new year. We’ve got still quite a bit to do on the release side but I actually can’t wait to tear down some stages again soon. It’s actually an amazing feeling. I know a lot of people are itching to hear the new music and I’m dying to show them.

What else is happening next in Bakery Boys´ world?

Dre: We have just finalised a capsule jewellery collection. Inspired by our mantra; Roadside, Poetry, Integrity, #HAAB jewellery is a reflection of this. Each piece is Individually handcrafted with uncompromised attention to detail, using only the finest materials in London’s prestigious jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. We are constantly making more music and are just enjoying expanding on the creative outlets.

Ace: We have started our own youth enterprise called Justinspire that integrates music, fashion and art production to inspire young people through the use of creative mediums .. Giving back to our local community has always been important to us so we’re aiming over the next few years to bring through a whole load of young creative talent.

Shack: We have also written a short film that we will release with the next body of work too so will be scheduling to shoot that early 2016. The rest everyone will just have to watch and see.

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