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Hi Eban, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Thank you for speaking to me… I’ve been well thank you.

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨No Other Lover¨?

Yes. No Other Lover came as an idea for a groovy tempo love song because of what I’m hearing on modern Pop radio stations and it came while everyone were asleep in the house LOL… basically the melody started to ring in my head so I went into the studio immediately while it was fresh in my mind…

Did any event in particular inspire the song?

My only event of creating songs comes purely from telling the one you love very heartfelt words…

How was the film experience?

The making of the Video was a feeling that’s indescribable to say the least, but putting a visual edge to your own original idea is one of the most defining moments in my Life….

How was the recording and writing process?

The process of writing and recording is not a job to me…. because when you have passion for something it’s something you’d never want to stop…

Having been the vocalist for so many iconic bands in the past and present – would you call this new solo career a follow up or a new chapter for you?

I hear a lot of references to a solo project and new solo career, just because I’ve never had a Big Hit record on my own, but the selective popularity over the years I really don’t consider performing on my own a new oath because I’ve always performed under my own name it doesn’t feel new at all to me, the new music I record is new to the public…

What would you say is the difference between Eban Brown the soloist and Eban Brown, The Stylistics vocalist?

Today, the Stylistics are considered “Old School” if you will and countless baby boomers relate to the Old Philly sound, but Eban Brown music doesn’t come with a 30 piece Orchestra like TSOP, it’s more about an original concept of things that probably wouldn’t make sense to others but for me to make it where a younger generation can relate and come back into music that us clean and wholesome…..

Does the new single mean we can expect a new album – how´s that coming along?

Recently, I’ve decided that releasing Singles are the best thing nowadays in this business because whole albums really doesn’t move the way it used to, and with the digital downloading era, enough people are not buying full albums anymore, since you have to promote only one song at a time, once I get several singles done then I’d put together a collection….

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

If I release another full album it’ll be called “Mister Brown” until then or I receive an urgency to do so I will be releasing singles only one after another….

Any plans to hit the road?

I plan on Touring extensively from “No Other Lover” basically after the Video and song are heavily rotated….

What else is happening next in Eban Brown´s world?

I am in the Process of Releasing another Single called “My Heart (Is Aching For You)” in 2016 along with A Video and producing a Young Man that is a Jazz Pianist on my Record Label I will definitely working other Artists for sure…

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