After listening to your album Light Years, Dark Years, I must say, you
guys sure make a lot of noise. Some serious great song writing skills
and everyone is no doubt very passionate about their instruments. So
let’s get started and get to know a bit more about Plum.

RYAN:The name Plum is an interesting choice for a band that could have
been called SonicVintage Dragon Roar, but seriously, how did you guys come up with that

We were struggling to come up with a name so we decided to take a trip
together. We turned off all the lights and covered every crack in the
room until we couldn’t tell if our eyes were opened or closed. We
played our demos and it just seemed obvious.

RYAN:How did the band form?

There was heaven and there was earth.  And then there was Plum.

RYAN:A lot of bands have a difficult time juggling their work lives with
their artistic lives.

How often do you get together to practice, and how many shows do you put
on a month on average?

We don’t play a ton of shows.  Our main focus and interest is really
on writing music.  We all live together so there is typically new music
being worked on in the house every day.  As far as practicing in the
rehearsal sense it just depends if we do have a show to get ready for.

RYAN:The song writing process is different for everyone.

How does Plum go about creating their songs?

It’s different every time.  The most important part of our process is
not sticking to one process.  It’s always extremely collaborative

RYAN: Musicians now have so many more options to showcase their sound
and sell their music.

What are your thoughts on the Soundcloud/Rdio revolution we are

New platforms come and go and it seems kind of trivial to spend a lot of
time worrying about their impact once they’ve already become standard.
We would be doing what we do regardless so ultimately we’re just
grateful for whatever platform allows us to be heard.

RYAN: Your sound is very unique and almost specific to a time that a lot
of people still consider to be the last real enlightened time of the
human spirit.

What is it about that era of music that attracts the band members?

We’ve never really made a conscious choice about how we want to sound.
We just play what comes out.

RYAN: What personal advice would you give another musician looking to
enter into this artistic field?

That’s tough.  We don’t know all that much.  Do you have any advice
from your last interview you could give us?

RYAN: We all have influences.

What musicians or bands inspire you all?

We really enjoy Nina Simone.  Classical music as well, we really enjoy

RYAN: Many musicians have their favorite spots to play.

Are there any memorable locations or shows that Plum would consider
their personal favorites?

We opened for Charles Bradley a little bit back that was a pretty
memorable one.  We also played with Jeff the Brotherhood a little bit
ago and they were really awesome guys.

RYAN: There is always a short term goal and a long term goal.

Where does the band see themselves both short term and long-term from

Short term goes we’re all about to go out and grab some drinks.  As
far as long term goes; we just want to continue to make music on our ownterms and hopefully have an audience that will grow with us.

RYAN: Lastly, and thank you for your time.

Is there anything specific that you would like your fans to know about
the Plum camp right now?

We recorded this album ourselves in our living room and all learned a
lot in the process.  We’re getting ready to start recording our next
one early next year and feel strongly that our songwriting abilities and
recording knowledge have grown quite a bit since the last go.


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