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Hi Rashmi, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been great! How are you? Nice to be in touch again.

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨Puzzle¨?

Puzzle is a song about those empty moments in life to which you don’t have the answers and you don’t know how to form the question or begin seeking answers. It is a song about those desperate moments of confusion and loneliness that we all experience but have a very acute sense that we are the only ones who are feeling this deep despair.

Did any event in particular inspire the song?

Ha! A moment when I wasn’t sure what the next step was and nothing was clear. I think I was second guessing my move back from LA to Brooklyn. Did I do the right thing? Is this really making any difference? I expected a dramatic feeling of “Oh this is right” but it was more gradual. Sometimes or more often than not, realization is gradual but I think we like to think of receiving it as a very clear ‘Eureka’ moment. That is simply not the case. At least not for me. Puzzle, the song itself, changed too from a former version into its current form.

Why naming the EP after this track?

It is universal, heartfelt, very honest and creates a nice visual, on a more practical level.

How was the recording and writing process?

I wrote the songs on the album over a few years. Writing, playing them and tweaking them. Recording was simpler – the whole band and some guest musicians went in and recorded all the instruments over two days. Then I went back in for two more days. My lead guitarist, Wilson, played the acoustic guitar tracks and I sang all the lead vocals, and harmonies. I believe there was another day of additional harmonies because I was hearing harmonies that would go well with the tracks and got them down.

The album deals with different aspects of life – did you handpicked these life events or they grew in you as you were writing the album?

I was writing about what was coming up for me along the journey and asking and answering questions through song, I guess. You are right, there are so many moods on the album- they reflect life and what was coming up – the PUZZLE that is LifeJ

Any plans to hit the road?

Would love to play in my home state – Texas; and California b/c I used to live in L.A. I played a fun show in Frankfort, Kentucky and had a great time. Maybe the tri-state area. So yes, I think it is in the future. Let me know if you have any ideas J!

What else is happening next in Rashmi´s world?

Acting and screenwriting. I am revisiting a screenplay that I had written that had done well on the contest circuit but has been on the back burner b/c of the album this year. I plan on pulling it back out and giving a revision and submitting to festivals, etc. There is a producer in Los Angeles that is interested so I want to really create a team around the script. So that is where focus will be next. I will continue to perform my music with the band and promote PUZZLE but also fold back into my life the screenwriting and acting. I was on an NBC’s American Odyssey this year so I want to reconnect with people from the acting world and get back out there in 2016.

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