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Everything Ever

INTERVIEW: Punk Band Everything Ever

Everything Ever are children of the 90’s. Their sound, however, has early 2000’s written all over it. Take guys who grew up in the suburbs of New York City, yet in the heart of the NY and NJ DIY scene, and you can begin to understand what Everything Ever is all about.

In 2014, Everything Ever signed with Brooklyn/Rochester, NY based label Secret Audio Club. They kicked off their partnership by releasing a digital and vinyl single of their song “Doing Nothing”, which preceded the behemoth 2xLP that is Solid Ground. Solid Ground is out now available everywhere. They’re currently writing a brand new EP, and are planning a 2016 release with a new drummer.


Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
(Trotta) VENTS! Hello! We have been well, thank you. How have YOU been?
Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨Big Ideas¨? Did any event in particular inspire the song?
(dNo) I used to really enjoy explaining the story behind this song, but the object of my envy and admiration that I mention in the lyrics is someone that I no longer look up to at all, so I’d prefer to keep the specific story to myself. But it’s about seeing someone else come up with an idea that you yourself had and exploring the feelings that come along with that. The conclusion is that you have to just do whatever feels natural and right and hope for the best.
How was the film experience?
It was awesome getting to work on Staten Island with Staten Island friends and family. It was my first time getting to work professionally with my sister Jessica Paladino, who did our makeup and even took on an acting role at the last second. And working with Backslash Bomb Productions is always an inspiring creative experience.
The single comes off your new album Solid Ground – what´s the story behind the title?
(dNo) Solid ground is mentioned a few times on the album, and it’s a phrase that’s used to describe the same emotional state that I also describe on the album as “rock bottom”. The themes of the album all have to do with perspective. 
How was the recording and writing process?
(dNo) By far the most educational artistic experience of our lives. We learned so much about crafting real songs out of raw ideas and figuring out what we cared about conveying musically as a band. There was so much pre-production work done on Solid Ground that we’ve internalized the process and are going to need to spend very little time doing anything but practicing the crap out of the songs as they were originally written when it comes time to record our new EP.
There has been a series of robberies in the past few years and I understand you guys were a victim of it – how did this event affect the band and was there a happy ending?
(Trotta) It slowed us down for a bit. When our van was broken into, we had $6,000 worth of gear taken, and that forced us to put certain things on pause. We had to put our energy towards recouping what was taken. We were able to play two successful benefit shows and sell merch in our online store, which helped us replace a good amount of what was taken. Now we’re just putting it behind us for good and focusing on our new songs now.
What´s it been like to hit the road again after this sort of ¨trauma¨? Are you taking any precautions?
(dNo) We aren’t going to go into detail about our security setup, just because now we’re extra super duper paranoid. And yes, traumatized. We’ve applied for Secret Service protection and should be hearing back soon.
You are working on a new material – will any song be based on this event?
(dNo) Not this event in particular, because the lyrics were done by the time we were robbed. But unfortunately this isn’t nearly the first time that something bad has happened to our personal finances to the point of emotional trauma, so there are definitely lines that will sound like they could be about this event. 
Speaking of new record – how´s that coming along?
(dNo) We couldn’t be more excited for how it’s coming along. We’re cooking up some rather bold ideas for everything from the recording process to the artwork to the music videos. We have studio time booked and we’re chomping at the bit. 
Any tentative release date or title in mind?
(dNo) 85.
What else is happening next in Everything Ever ´s world?
(Trotta) The domination of said world.



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