INTERVIEW: Rebecca James

Hi Rebecca, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey! I’ve been good, busy working, but good!

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨On My Way¨?

Whilst doing music, there was a period of time where I didn’t really know what kind of genre I wanted to go into and how to really find my feet, but whilst writing ‘On My Way’ I was at a point where I was like “I finally know what I want to do and what kind of artist I want to be” etc. so it was a nice starting point for me, also you face a lot of hurdles along the way which can make you feel differently about your position.

Did any event in particular inspire the song?

Like I said before there are a lot of hurdles you face and there are people you meet who don’t always have their intentions in the right place, by facing these challenges and growing from them, helped to write the song a lot more so its all part of it.

What was it like to work with V Simmons and how did they come on board?

It was really cool. V came down to the studio one day and just put down his 8 and then his 16. He brought a completely different energy and gave On My Way a different dimension which was a pleasant surprise actually because I had no idea what kinda way he was gonna go on the track.

The single comes off your new mixtape RJVERSIONS – what´s the story behind the title?

Well the mixtape is a bunch of songs that are from singer/songwriters that inspire me or have had some sort of influence in my musical career and then put my own twist on it. I had to name it something self explanatory, just my versions.

How was the recording and writing process?

It was cool actually, the songs I’d chosen were songs I already knew, so writing to them was difficult at times but challenged me with my melodies to really make them into my own versions without sounding too similar to the original.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

For the lyrics, I go off past experiences. I will always try and zone in on how this song makes me feel and then work out what place the melodies in my head come from, for example, is it because I’m happy about this situation or not? I then go back to that place and how I felt at the time, which then helps me write. I think its about being real and just writing what you want and how you want the song to come across. And for the songs, like I said, its a bunch of artists that inspire me in one way or another and kinda like my tribute to them, haha.

What have you learned from your experiences playing some of the biggest stages like Wembley Arena?

I’ve learnt that my dream is so reachable. That might sound really cheesy? But doing stages like that make me feel like..”Oh..ok..this is what I wanna do for the rest of my life and I’m more than ok with this” Haha. Its progression for me, that whole day was a stepping stone to my ‘career goals’ but yeah.. I felt so emotional up there, but also very at home. I think being yourself on a stage like that is so important because you’re exposed, so I just have fun and do what I do best.

Any plans to hit the road?

Well we did a national schools tour at the start of this year which was incredible. I loved it so much! I met some amazing fans and it was such a learning curve for me as an artist. Younger people ask you questions you don’t think you’d get asked so it was quite a cool experience. But for future…Yes definitely! There are some exciting things lined up and it is something that I cannot wait to do.

What else is happening next in Rebecca James´ world?

I am currently recording new content… and writing a LOT. I’m really just trying to hone my skills in everything, my vocals, my writing, piano playing, dancing. This is everything to me so I do take it seriously. I think when I first started being an artist I was young, in a new city and didn’t really understand the industry. But theres a lot of growth happening, and it makes me happy when I see myself change. #RJVersions mixtape is out now and there is plenty more music coming!

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