INTERVIEW: Chords of Truth

RYAN: After diving into your newest release titled Dreams, I personally look forward to hearing more of your inspiring sound. Let me start off by saying thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Not everyone knows about your previous release Reflections of Reality, which had quite a few talented artists collaborate in order to create.

1) How did the writing process differ this time around for Dreams?

Well the core songwriting of everything I have done so far started with just me and an acoustic guitar. Then I worked with my good friend and producer Jeff Joslin to add just the right keys and harmonies.


RYAN: Speaking of the inspired track Dreams

How did this particular song come to light? There is a lot of meaning behind it and an obvious real care in making sure everything was just right.

2) Why was this track in particular chosen as the single to be released?

Dreams was actually unique for me in the fact that I have generally had several songs at a time emerge out of intentional songwriting sessions. But Dreams sort of showed up this past summer and seemed to evolve very quickly into a finished song that I wanted share, so I decided to release it as a single.


RYAN:Your music in the past has showcased your vast musical knowledge of different genres.

3) Is there a specific genre you are trying to stay within for the new album, or can we expect some electronica thrown in the Folk mix?

The next album will probably be Folk because of the songs I’ve been working on for a while that I am planning to record soon. But I am starting to experiment with writing from NOT the perspective of an acoustic guitar.   So we’ll see what comes of that.


RYAN: I personally thought the new song had elements of the legendary Mike Oldfield along with a few others like Bob Dylan and bit of Tom Petty.

4) Where and who do you get your inspiration from?

Musically, I still listen to the classic singer/songwriters similar you mentioned most of the time. And over the past several years I have actually found Leonard Cohen and Pink Floyd to be the best background music for me while working on the computer. So I will just put their Spotify artist pages on shuffle and listen for hours and hours. So I’m pretty sure those styles are embedded in my musical perspective. Lyrically, I want to inspire people or help them see from a different perspective. I believe there are fundamental scientific and spiritual principles for improving our lives that many people are not aware of or need reminded of. And I’m trying to do that through song.


RYAN: We live in a very interesting time of digital downloads and streaming.

5) Any thoughts on this new wave of sharing music with apps like Rdio and Soundcloud?

I think it’s great. I am so happy to have a way to get my music out there and without these kinds of apps it would be a lot more difficult to get heard.


RYAN: The song dreams is haunting and beautiful.

6) Do you write all the parts to be played, or do you leave room for others to bring in their ideas?

I definitely try to leave room for others. A common theme in my lyrics is about the power of perspective and collaboration is a perfect example of just that. So they need to have the freedom to go where they want, at least to begin with.


RYAN: Speaking of band names, for some a band name is very important and for others it just sounds cool.

7) Where did the name Chords Of Truth come from and what is the message behind that name?

Back in 2001 I wrote my first “song”. It was actually an early version of my song “Listen”. I was working on several internet business projects at the time and had access to free hosting, so for fun I put up a website for my music. Back then my voice and guitar skills were not very good to say the least. But I decided to record it at home and post it anyway. Then had information about an upcoming album in development called “Chords of Truth” by JAG (which are my initials). It was going to be a combination of acoustic covers and originals that were about deep truths. Then after several years I hadn’t done anything with releasing music but was thinking about it again and decided that “Chords of Truth” represented exactly what I was going for with my music so decided to use that. So I changed the graphic on the site to say the upcoming album was “Reflections of Reality” by “Chords of Truth”. It was many more years before it became a reality, but in 2012 that album was released.


8) I heard some Americana influences in the song Dreams, now it may be my love for the genre, but did I hear some Americana influence in that song?

I feel like a lot of the genres are really starting to merge more than ever (Like what I did with Folktronica for example) and I can’t always tell what things are anymore, but no question I enjoy Americana and feel my acoustic music is a Folk/Americana style overall.


RYAN: Typically there is an album release followed by a lengthy tour to promote the new album.

9) What are your current plans to promote this project once released?

For Dreams, I am primarily going to be promoting it online. I plan to record and release the new album in 2016 and will be following that up with a tour hopefully by next fall.


RYAN: Lastly, and thank you for your time.

10) Having the knowledge you have in the industry, what advice would you give any amateur songwriter looking to create their first full song?

Just start trying to write. Strum some chords and sing whatever comes to mind and record it as you do. Then listen back and see if anything starts flowing. One thing to remember is you can do that on your own without anyone hearing it until it’s ready. But you have to take the first step of deciding you can do it. And everything will flow from there.

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